We Provide the Keys to Timeshare Freedom

STOP all annual fees.

You will no longer be obligated to pay any annual maintenance fees associated with timeshare ownership. In just 3 easy steps, you will be free of ever-increasing timeshare fees and special assessments…legally AND permanently!

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REGAIN travel freedom.

You will no longer be tethered to a timeshare that dictates where, when & how you vacation. No more points, exchange companies, or unavailability issues. We DO NOT force you to join a travel club to get rid of your timeshare.

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TERMINATE perpetuity.

Unlike other inherited real estate, there’s no inherent value in timeshare ownership, only financial obligations. We remove “perpetuity of ownership,” so your children WILL NOT be forced to take over your timeshare headaches.

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What Our Clients Say

Our Timeshare Services

free timeshare redemption consultation

Timeshare Consultation

Free consultation with timeshare cancellation experts.

timeshare redemption evaluation

Ownership Evaluation

Advice and guidance on best timeshare termination options for you.

timeshare redemption scales

Consumer Advocacy

Communication & intervention with resorts on your behalf.

timeshare redemption arrow

Timeshare Redemption

100% Guaranteed legal & permanent transfer of ownership out of your name.

Document Management

Document processing by our Licensed, Bonded & Insured Title Office.

timeshare redemption freedom

Timeshare Freedom

Final relief of all timeshare obligations with termination of ownership.

About Redemption & Release, LLC

Redemption and Release, LLC is NOT a timeshare rental or resale company. We only offer one core service for our valued clients, successful Timeshare Redemption.

The vacation asset liquidation service we provide ensures our clients with a quick, inexpensive and definitive relief from the financial headaches associated with ownership. If you’ve tried and failed to get out of your timeshare contract obligations through attempts to sell your timeshare, cancel a timeshare contract, or donate a timeshare, now is the time to find out how to legally redeem your timeshare. Redeeming your timeshare is as simple as contacting us via our web form to request a FREE no-obligation property analysis or simply calling our toll free number at 888-743-9051 to get an instant quote.

You can finally have the peace of mind you have been searching for by leaving behind the burdens of timeshare ownership and enrolling in our simple and inexpensive Timeshare Redemption program.



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