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Smart Transfer Reviews

Transfer Smart ReviewsSince the decline of the economy, many timeshare owners are either looking to eliminate their annual maintenance dues or at least decrease the size of their timeshare ownership portfolio.

The transfer smart timeshare business platform has obviously been successful, however,  we believe Redemption and Release is a “smarter” consumer choice.

Being burdened with a virtually worthless timeshare is not a viable option for many financially strapped owners. With the accelerating need for timeshare assistance, a group of wise transfer companies got together and started a transfer smart process. Typically these transfer smart companies use postcards campaigns to solicit new customers. We offer SMARTER ALTERNATIVES, where you will save thousands.

“Those ‘Smart Transfer’ companies wanted to charge me THOUSANDS more than you quoted”

There are numerous rental and resale scams that constantly prey on desperate timeshare owners. The overwhelming majority of these phone room companies are outright scams. Because of these scams and the numerous complaints, there became a void in the market and a need for real help. This is the reason angered resort owners became educated and looked for options on how transfer smart timeshare. Transfer smart complaints are vastly different than timeshare resale scam complaints.

These popular timeshare “relief” companies became the answer for the timeshare resale scam. Instead of timeshare owners falling victim to timeshare resale scams, they can now essentially pay money to give away their timeshare. This is a great option for some timeshare owners, as long as the timeshare redemption company actually gets rid of your timeshare.

The good news is that many of these “relief” companies actually get the job done, unlike the boiler room phone scams which hardly ever accomplish any promised goals. These larger liquidation sales teams travel the country and their home offices send out post cards to distressed timeshare owners. Transfer smart timeshare clients tend to received a post card that solicits timeshare owners to attend a sales seminar at a local hotel. Many people have reported that these companies used scare tactics and high pressure sales to convince rooms full of people to hand over $3,500-$9,00 to to get rid of their unwanted timeshare. The transfer smart now reviews are in and many people say that the services work, but their services are significantly more than others charge.


Smart Transfer Reviews

If a company can not offer a money back guaranteed transfer or redemption of the timeshare you are not smart to use their transfer services. Transfer smart complaints are typically found when a person does not do a thorough research into lower price alternatives like Redemption and Release, LLC.

Redemption and Release FREE transfer smart reviews & tips:

  • Be cautious about any company who claims that by liquidating your timeshare through them that you are eligible for a tax credit. Only in the most rarest of circumstances (i.e., you bought the timeshare solely for business purposes) are you eligible for any type of tax incentives for liquidating your timeshare. If you transfer smart now and research the tax laws later you are sure to find that you over paid and get zero tax credits. If you choose to enter into an agreement with our company, you will not have any transfer smart scam worries.
  • Any entity who doesn’t have a Guaranteed Transfer clause in their agreement typically is not reputable. Redemption and Release, LLC offers a 100% guaranteed Timeshare Redemption process. Unlike us, Transfer Smart Companies do not use our proven Timeshare Redemption method. Our operating and marketing protocols are markedly different.
  • As a rule of thumb, learn as much as possible about what you own and what the transfer process will be with one of those relief companies. Speak to your resort first and find out what your resort transfer fee is. Afterwards, contact the smart transfer company and ask what portion of their transfer fee is the resorts mandated costs. If the prices match up, you may be dealing with an ethical company who can really help.

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