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Redemption and Release, LLC is the backbone of a select number of timeshare redemption sales offices throughout North America. Our strategic partnership combined with strict marketing and sales guidelines have allowed us to provide an elite product and quality service in an otherwise murky industry. We do not conduct direct sales with the general public. This is done to provide wholesale pricing to our select authorized sales offices. Redemption and Release focuses its entire attention on providing prompt, quality and wholesale timeshare exit services for the affiliate sales offices that have met our Ethics In Sales standards.

Are you interested in becoming one of our affiliates? 

With our success rate of 100% coupled with our 100% money back guarantee your clients have nothing to lose. If your sales office qualifies, we may allow you to add our product line to your sales center. It does not matter where your client purchased their timeshare, what type of timeshare they own, or how long ago they purchased it. Our assigned Liquidation Specialists have years of timeshare redemption experience and understand exactly what your clients are going through. 

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Redemption and Release Affiliates

WARNING! Any potential affiliate offices will be reviewed and mandated to adhere to some of the highest marketing standards in the nation. All affiliates are required to follow mandated sales procedures and forced to adhere to our marketing guidelines and protocols. We provide our clients the highest level of professionalism and transparency in the industry and require our affiliate offices to do the same. Your office will be required to go through a rigorous review process and the findings may be released to the public on this site. Serious inquiries only. Thank you.

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