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Are you looking for an allied consumer group to review your timeshare? Look no further than Redemption and Release. For the past 5 years Redemption and Release has been helping consumers cancel their unwanted timeshares at a %100 success rate.  We have built an allied consumer group of very knowledgeable timeshare cancellation experts. All of our experts are here to help timeshare owners get a better understanding of how the timeshare industry really operates. The timeshare industry is a vast group of timeshare resorts that are tricking consumers into signing terrible contracts. Once a timeshare resort has you in a contract we all know how difficult it is get out of it. When you decide to work with us here at Redemption and Release, getting out of your timeshare is an inexpensive and easy process.

There are a few key factors that timeshare owners must look out for a timeshare consumer group that can legally and permanently get you out of your timeshare burden. If  you speak with an allied consumer group that claims to also be “consumer advocates” , they are not legal professionals. Consumer advocates will often give advice regarding your timeshare that may result in a foreclosure on your property.  Another key factor is if a consumer group does not offer dedicated case managers. If every time you call into a business you are sent to somebody different than you are most likely dealing with an unorganized timeshare solution group. Last if the consumer timeshare consumer group that you are dealing with does not have a physical office you should be very wary.

Unlike some other timeshare consumer groups, all of our services come with two 100% money back guarantees.  The first guarantee ensures legal and permanent transfer of ownership from your name. If for any reason you’re legal obligations to the property are not terminated, we will refund 100% of your money.  The 2nd guarantee ensures that once our transfer services are complete that you will not receive any fees or invoices associated with your formerly held timeshare.

As as a courtesy to our potential clients, we offer everyone that calls in or fills out the form on the right, a FREE timeshare consultation. During your FREE consultation a member of our allied consumer group will review over your timeshare ownership situation and provide you with your best options for getting out. All consultations are specifically designed for you, we always put the client first. Call us today at 888-743-9051

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