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Bluegreen Resorts ComplaintsResorts are one of the most popular timeshare resorts available to vacationers today. Vacationers are talked into sitting through a five hour presentations where they are convinced to signing up for a vacation home that sounds like a dream. It is not until after signing the timeshare contract that consumers are hit with a substantial amount of recurring fees that end up being more of a financial burden rather than a financial bargain. Not only do the fees continue to escalate throughout the ownership, but the owners of timeshares can rarely use the timeshare at a time convenient for them and their families. It is at this stage that vacationers begin searching for ways to cancel a timeshare contract. If you are dissatisfied with your resort’s timeshare , you are not alone. The Resort’s Corporation BBB profile has close to 800 filed resort complaints .

One resorts customer complaint mentioned that “Sales representatives are lying to customers to get them to purchase vacation getaways.” This particular customer’s timeshare complaint originated when they were shopping in a Myrtle beach outlet store.  Another complaints stated that “the resort lied and sold something they don’t actually offer. Every time we complain they never help resolve anything. We have to deal with it.” Complaints like this will continue to pile up until the government steps in with another class action lawsuit.
Bluegreen Complaints The video below tells the story of a man that was approached in a shopping mall and was told that if he sits through a “short” timeshare presentation that he will be given a free four night cruise to the Bahamas. The process of getting to this “short” presentation location, ultimately led to unnecessary financial obligations and false promises. At one point in the video this man is even quoted calling Resorts “a scam”. Stories like these can be heard frequently throughout the timeshare industry with a number of different resorts.

Fortunately for this man he was savvy enough to catch on to the resort’s tactics before signing up for a timeshare, but the same cannot be said for other vacationers. This is where Redemption and Release steps in. Here at Redemption and Release we review all Resorts complaints to help better understand our client’s needs and find the best way to cancel their timeshare ownership.

Please take some time to read more of our Timeshare Help Articles and contact a timeshare liquidation specialist to address any of your Resort complaints.

Resorts Complaints

Below you will find the transcription to the video above. The gentleman in the video outlines all his Resort Complaints in an effort to get a solution to his problem. A simple search online brings back similar Resort Complaints. Read below.

Video Transcription:

Hello everybody! I’m doing an honest review on Vacations, the company with the timeshares- they give you free cruise, free rooms and all that to listen to a timeshare presentation for 2 hours. I’m going to give you guys my experience on exactly what happened in my opinion. If it were me after listening to this, I would stay away from. Do whatever you want to do but I’m about to give you an honest review on exactly what happened with my situation.

My significant other and I decided that we were going to take part of this situation. Now last year I was at the mall and the guy at the kiosk, he sold me on the whole vacation package. You’re basically supposed to be able to go to a resort and stay there for 3 or 4 nights, and then if you went to listen to the timeshare presentation for 2 hours then you will get a 4 night cruise, with Carnival Cruises. I live in Florida, I can leave out pretty much anywhere all the different ports in Florida and it is what it is. Well I’m going to break it down to you exactly what happened in this situation which was a horrible nightmare and actually in my opinion it’s a scam. I’m definitely not one of the people that call things a scam all the time but it’s very misleading and it’s just a bunch of BS. So let me tell you exactly what happened.

So last year I paid $150.00 for the package, to get everything going. I finally got around deciding that we were going to go ahead and take advantage of this thing. So right off the bat you got $150.00 already invested. So I called up and booked the trip and being that I live only a couple hours away from the place that I was doing the tour at, we decided to go ahead and drive down. So the plan was we were booked at a resort from Sunday to Wednesday, now we couldn’t stay from Sunday to Wednesday because of the fact that the person I was with had to be at work on Tuesday. But as long as we were there, the timeshare presentation is on the second day so we come in on Sunday and as long as we did the tour on Monday, which was at 2:30 PM then we can leave any time after that and that would be fine. So here’s exactly how this worked out. We ended up coming in a day early, we ended coming on Saturday because we had nothing to do. So we figured if there was a room available, would be able to get us some type of discount. As a matter of fact, they had told me on the phone if I came in a day early they could get the price half off. So the room that we got if we were to come in a day early we would get half off.

When we got to the room, drove 2 hours on the road, finally got there, we’re like, “Hey we’re here a day early, do you guys have anything available?” If they didn’t have anything available then I was just going to go somewhere else. She says, “Yes we do have a room available, the price of the room is $143.00.” Well I’m like, “We’re with the resort , we’re booked to be here from Sunday to Wednesday and today’s Saturday we’re with so can you contact them and see what they can do.” Well she was like, “Well you have to contact them and see what they are going to do.” So I called them up they got me on hold forever, they had me on hold forever and then they finally come back to the phone, “Oh you know I’m just checking to see if you’re still there, I’m still trying to work this out with the manager.” They keep putting me on hold, they’re still trying to work it out with the manager and it end up being like an hour has passed and they still haven’t handled the situation. So now I’ve driven 2 hours and I’m just standing in the lobby for an hour trying to figure this out.

Finally this woman comes back to the phone and you know what she tells me, now the original price of the room is $143.00 for any normal person just coming there and they book the room. She tells me I have to pay $159.00. I’m like, “What are you talking about I have to pay $159.00, that’s more than the price of the room for any normal person that comes in off the street, that’s not what we’re paying.” She says that’s the price of the room. I’m arguing back and forth with this lady like how does that even make any sense, and she says that’s our rate for this room. “What are you talking about?” “Like what type of drugs are you on?” “Like you expect me to pay $159.00 to you when I can go directly to the hotel and get it at $143.00. And finally she’s like, “Well you know what let me see what I can do, let me try to work something out for you.”

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So I’m back on hold, I’m waiting minutes, minutes, minutes, half hour passes they still haven’t worked this out, she’s talking to her manager. She comes back to the phone and tells me that okay well we’re going to get you the room for $143. I’m like what are you talking about that’s the rate of the room; I was told I could get it in half. She‘s like, “Well that’s the best we can do for you, it’s $143.” So now we’re going back and forth, like that is the rate of the room, you’re telling me that I should book it through you at the same rate that I can get it at the exact hotel itself. So then she’s got me on hold and she is going to see what she can do. She comes back to the phone and says well the best we can do is we can give you a $25 visa gift card but the room rate is still going to be $143.00. What happened to half, what happened to $70.00 for the night or whatever that 70 something was? So the lady at the front desk was like, “Listen, you need to hang up with them, I’ve already got a confirmation, they sent over confirmation saying that they were going to take care of it for you.” Basically she was saying you don’t have to pay anything they’re going to take care of it for you. Well actually no, the lady at the front desk which was the manager she actually told me that before I actually got on the phone with the resort, she had already told me they had been in touch with the resort; they said they were going to comp the room for me. I knew that wouldn’t be completely true. But how are you charging me full price for a room, there is no discount; I can get that same rate with the hotel itself. So she was like stop dealing with them just hang up the phone, this is what the hotel Manager tells me.

So anyway she gave us the hotel key and we went into the room that Saturday night and we just enjoyed the rest of our day or rest of the night, but we were in that hotel lobby for over like two hours dealing with this. You have us on the phone for two hours and you’re going to tell me you’re not going to give it to us for half and then now you’re going to tell me you’re going to give it to me for the full rate and you’re just going to take $25 off, that’s absolutely ridiculous! So then the hotel charges us for taxes or resort fees- $107.00 for the Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday now that was the tax and the fees that we’re supposed to pay for four nights. So now I’ve already paid $150.00 to get involved with this thing last year, then I paid another $107.00 to get the room for the next four days, so I’ve already invested over $250.00 in this thing. Then they want to put another $30 hold on the credit card because in case I got some drinks or something like that, they would charge it to the room which is refundable. So now I’ve already got $250 invested into this thing.

So then Monday comes around, we’re there on Sunday and then Monday comes around. Monday we’re supposed to do the tour at 2:30pm. But something pops in my head, like let me do some research on the resort, even though I should have done that before I even went to the resort- something just popped in my head to do some research. So I’m just Googling it and I’m seeing all these different bad reviews and things come up. So I decided I’m going to call the resort and ask them how much is this cruise, they say, “Oh you just have to pay the taxes and fees,” they talk to you like that hoping that you don’t even question how much it is and which I never did. So I’m on the phone with them and the first girl that I talked to she says, “Oh you need to call Carnival,” I’m like “What are you talking about I need to call Carnival, I need to know exactly how much this is going to be.” Is there any additional fees? You say I’m getting a gift certificate for four night cruise for free if I listen to the timeshare.” We hadn’t yet listened to it, it was coming on to 2:30 while I was on the phone and she’s like you got to call Carnival. “I mean why do I have to call Carnival and you guys are the people I’m dealing with.” How are you going to tell me, “Oh we don’t know the rates for the cruise, we don’t know how much tax and fees are, you need to call Carnival.” That doesn’t make any sense.

I speak to the manager the manager says, “Listen, this is what you have to pay,” she says you have to pay the port fees, the taxes, I think something else and she says you also have to pay the tips.” Long story short, the total that we would have to pay, now we’re getting a certificate for a free cruise, the total that we would have to pay for a four night cruise leaving either out of port Canaveral, leaving out of Miami, leaving out of Tampa, leaving out of Jackson Field, either one we want, for four nights to the Bahamas or somewhere nearby was going to be a total of $469! $469 is what has to be paid. What happened to free? What happened to free? How are the taxes and fees and all this stuff added up to almost $500 to go on the cruise when you sold me on the fact that I was getting a free cruise? $469! So then after I hung up on her I said, “To hell with that timeshare we’re not going to do that tour, to hell with that tour.” I got to pay $469 for something I thought was free and they just sold me on “Oh you just need to pay the taxes and fees,” or whatever, $469.00! So wait a minute, so then I called up Carnival and I asked them I said listen- I’m just acting like I’m a normal customer, I said, “I was looking for a four night cruise, I want to go to the Bahamas, where does it leave out of, she says it leaves out of Miami, I’m like great, I want to go in November how much is it going to be?” You know what she tells me, she says, “Your cruise, with taxes, with fees, with tips your total is going to be $510.” “$510.00, and you’re saying that’s for two people?” She said yes, that’s for two guests, you and another guest. The total for everything, four nights to the Bahamas is $510.00. Now let’s make this clear. The Resort wants me to do a 2 hour timeshare which I heard can turn into 3 or 4 hours, they wanted me to do a 2 hour tour for timeshare to get the certificate. My total to the resort would’ve been $469 everything all the taxes, fees, port fees, tips everything included, $469.00. But I can go directly to the source; I can get the cruise for $510 without even dealing with the resort, without even doing the timeshare tour. Does that make any sense to anybody?

Resorts Complaints about Timeshares

So after I talked to Carnival and I was like what the hell. We didn’t go do the tour, we just packed our bags and got up out of there, this is absolutely ridiculous. So let’s add this up, we got $150 that I decided to invest to get involved in this thing last year. I got to pay $107 for the room for taxes and fees, and they said the room was free; you don’t have to pay anything blah blah blah…$107.00, plus another $469 if I decided to actually go on the cruise, my total is $726 but yet I’m being sold on all this free stuff. $726 is what I would have had to pay; does that make any sense to anybody? And then they were supposed to give me the room half off which I showed up a day early on Saturday that was supposed to be at least about half plus another $70. So you’re talking $796/$800 that I would have come out of pocket for this whole thing when it’s all said and done. But I don’t know what’s going to happen with that, I don’t know if they’re still going to charge my card. This is BS! You want to get a cruise with Carnival, go directly to Carnival or go do some other type of discount company where you can get discount on cruises. This whole thing they’re basically getting people to do a timeshare and they’re not getting anything for free. All they’re really getting for free is a discount on the resort and that’s the truth. So if I were you I would stay away from timeshare vacations, there you have it.

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