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The day you bought your timeshare, it probably sounded like a good investment or an amazing way to vacation in luxury accommodations for cheaper than you could do on your own. This was also probably the way you felt with the Resort too the day you bought your luxurious vacation property. However,  as time marches on – many timeshare owners – not just your similar resort owners soon discover their expectations are drastically different from the results they receive from the ownership.

Most timeshare owners are extremely saddened by the large amount of perceived deception or misunderstanding they endured at the original time of purchase. Because of this, many disgruntled timeshare owners are looking  for a safe and affordable way to cancel their timeshare obligations. Our clientele can simply accomplish this through our Timeshare Redemption services. Our company provides a quick and inexpensive transfer of ownership for most Resorts timeshares. Getting rid of your timeshare contract has never been easier.

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"How To Cancel A Resort Timeshare Contract"

Our first recommendation when looking to cancel a Resort is to contact the resort directly. You will want to speak with the resort management and kindly ask if they are willing to take back your paid in full timeshare for free. Most resorts have a “do not accept back” policy, but that varies from resort – to – resort. The main reason why most resort developers wont simply cancel your contract is because your fees are a significant income stream for the resort.  Most timeshare owners simply want to be removed from their obligations or quickly and with ease – and that is why we are the nations #1 Timeshare Redemption provider for resorts. We do not sell timeshare points or sell timeshares, we redeem them.

Because of inflating timeshare ownership costs, Timeshare owners nationwide may be looking for a safe and affordable timeshare disposal option. With the abundance of timeshare resale and timeshare rental scams, many timeshare owners believe that they can get a return on a resort membership. Unfortunately, it can be a challenge just to give a timeshare away for free. For those that are looking for a legal and effective way out, Redemption and Release reviews every property down to the smallest detail to ensure that we can successfully provide our service.

While it seems that in the past there were some negative complaints, and even a lawsuit against various Resorts – the sales practices that some may have encountered years ago seem to have subsided. However, if you watch the video below, you will find at least one more owner who feels they were a victim of a the resorts scam. They, like many others, can find tremendous value in our 100% guaranteed timeshare redemption services.

Cancel BlueGreen Timeshare

This Resorts Complaints

Transcript From Video Above:

Male: Alright, where do we begin.

Female: We bought our timeshare in 2007, so almost three years ago. We were in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  We were stopped in the street and offered $100 check for listening to a 90 minute timeshare presentation.

Male: Sounded like a great deal at the time.

Female: $100!  Who wouldn’t want that?  Keep in mind we didn’t know anything about the timeshare business, not how it works, nothing, so the next day, at 9 o’clock we went to listen to the presentation and everything sounds so incredible.

Male: We were just looking for an investment for our future and that’s basically how they persuaded us to buy it is by telling us how great of an investment it was.

Female: And across the street they were building the park, so –

Male: The Hard Rock Café Theme Park was supposed to be going up and they said that had we bought that property that the value would almost double when it was completed, so we believed them that that was a good deal.

Female: Yep and then they started at $30,000?

Male: Yep they started us at $30,000.

Female: We ended up getting the cheapest thing, 8,000 points every year for $9,000 I believe it was.

Male: Yeah, $9,000 and change.

Female: But because we do not take vacation every year, and we do not go that far away, we are from New York, we told them it’s just not that worth it for us, so the sales person, I believe his name was William Barness, he said it was fine, cause we will get offers from the rental program.  He told us stories about a guy who rented his week for the Formula 500?

Male: The Daytona 500 and how he made like $4000 just to rent it out, so he made, he profited off of it.  In fact the guy who was selling it said he had one he rented all the time and made money off of.

Female: They would keep 30% of the profit, then they said, they promised – I asked the guy, what if we don’t want it after a couple years, and he said, oh that’s fine, the resorts buys back the timeshare anytime you don’t want the value and because ours should have doubled cause of the theme park, we thought wow, that’s like a –

Male: No lose situation.

Female: Yep.

Male: White lie number two.

Female: Win, win, win.  Points.  Points do not expire.   That’s the biggest bull you’ve ever heard.

Male: We have alternate years, 8000 alternate years and our second year we found out when we went to sell it, we thought we’d have 16,000 points, little did we know that we lost our 8,000 from the previous year.  We thought maybe if we did rent it out after three years, we’d have 24,000 points and maybe we could take a nice long vacation, but that’s  not going to happen.

Female: I asked them to buy back about probably a couple months after, that did not happen.  They  responded that they don’t offer resale program.  And I was getting real irritated with them.  I was sent to the resort, then I asked them to rent our points and they said, no we don’t do that either, so I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and the Consumer Credit Agency in Florida and South Carolina.

Male: Two attorney generals.

Female: I even wrote letters to attorney generals.  With the Federal Trade Commission.  I even wrote a letter to the president of the ARDA and nothing back.  All that the resort says is that all they care is that we signed a contract, they don’t care about what their salespeople say.  They don’t take any responsibility that according to them, we should have read the contract.  Which we do agree, but by the time we were signing the contract, it was already 5 o’clock.  We went there at 9 AM.

Male: 8 hours later.

Female: We went there at 9, no food, nothing.  All just talk and talk and talk.

Male: It was our last day of vacation.  I had golf tee times with my dad and my brother, which we hadn’t played golf all together since then.  It also caused a little family problem, but we thought this would be worth it for our future as they promised, but it didn’t turn out.

Female: It was 5 o’clock when we were signing the contract.  The contract is over 40 pages, we were never given time to read the contract.

Male: We were just in a little tiny room, probably 8×8 room with this one lady and then our salesman watching over our shoulder making sure we signed everything.

Female: Sign here, sign there, initial here, initial there, we were not even told the percentage of the loan we were signing for, which actually we found out a lot later when we started having issue with the resort buying back and renting the points, when we didn’t know anything about anything at all, that’s when we saw it was like 15%, we had to borrow money from my husband’s uncle to pay it off cause that was outrageous for us.

Male: Not to mention the maintenances fees that they promised were about $200 a year which is reasonable.

Female: For our 8,000 points every two years, yep.

Male: The first year it was free with the deal so that’s fine, and then all of a sudden year two it was $460 or something like that.

Female: $445, it’s going up every two years.

Male: And it’s going up and up every year, be careful about that.

Female: And we were not told about club dues.

Male: Yeah, club fees, that was something they just threw in there, $120 a year.  So now we’re up over $500 a year and we can’t even use it.

Female: That’s right, for 8,000 points every two years, we’re paying about $1000 for vacation probably you know probably 4 days of vacation.

Male: And you have to pay maintenance fees even on the year you don’t have the place.  So –

Female: So if you want to buy a timeshare, have a lawyer, have a lawyer looking over every single article of the contract.  No matter how many pages they are, don’t believe one word the resort says.  If you have an issue and you decide to email Mr. Maloney, the president of the resort, don’t expect a response.

Male: Nah, he won’t talk to you.

Female: Nope, I emailed him three times.

Male: They’ve got your money.

Female: And that’s all they care.  You will get screwed any way possible you can.  If the resort won’t buy it back, you can even give it for free, we tried to give it for free but –

Male: Nope, you can’t even give this stuff away.

Female: She told me I have to pay them to take it.  Which is –

Male: They wanted us to pay them $1500 just to take it off of our hands, that’s how bad the resort is.

Female: That’s right, and if you look at the internet, you will find so many complaints, so be aware of the resort, do not believe them, they are just a bunch of liars who don’t care about anybody else but themselves and about their business.

Male: And if you do want to buy a timeshare, you can go to eBay and buy what, 25,000 points for $.50, it’s right on there.  That’s the starting price and nobody’s even buying that.  So don’t waste your time on vacation trying to get $100 cause they’ll end up sucking $10,000 out of you.

Female: And just read the contract.  Read the contract, do not believe the resort’s lies.

Male: Better yet, do not do it.

Female: That’s right.

Male: They’ll get you.

Female: That’s not even funny, but I mean we are so desperately trying to get out of this and put this resort into courtroom trying to get them to admit –

Male: We just want what’s fair.

Female: What’s fair, what they promised.  And they don’t care about anybody else.

Male: How about the two people we went through also watch out for internet scams.  Nobody can sell the timeshare for you.  If you already own it, don’t go to these timeshare sales places.

Female: Like

Male: TimeshareOwner, something like that, none of them.

Female: Don’t pay upfront, any kind of fees on reselling a timeshare.  Do not pay ever upfront any kind of money, cause after they get your money, they will not even call you back.  So if you definitely want to get out of the timeshare or any other kind of the timeshare in that matter, I don’t even know what to do.

Male: We don’t know what to tell you, we’ve tried everything.  We did it twice, that’s how dumb we were, so.

Female: We decided just to go to foreclosure, that’s the only way out as far as I know.

Male: And that could even take years and years so.

Female: Years and years.  Or if it gets real bad we just file for bankruptcy or something because if you want a free timeshare, just give us a call.

Male: Yeah, we will definitely give it to you.

Female: For free.

Male: I guess that’s about it.

Female: Thank you.

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