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Westgate Timeshare ScamThis Resort is known in many circles as the ultimate timeshare sales organization. Whether its their largely beautiful resorts, large portfolio of destinations or their aggressive sales practices – This Resort is known nationally for being one of the best at what they do. With the national headline making marketing tactics of David Siegel and the construction ambitions of his private residence many think this Resort is the “best or the worst” of what timeshare has to offer. While many people love their timeshare, you may be looking for a safe way to get out , cancel or transfer.

Central Florida Investments (This Resorts parent company) is located in Orlando, FL and is a major contributor to the local economy. This Resort is also a number of smaller resorts. Some may say that the Resorts complaints are unfounded and that its perceived oligarch reputation is untrue. Our specialty is helping those with this Resorts complaints better understand their ownership to see if they can make the best of what they own or if our timeshare redemption service is what would best suit them. We can not help you sell timeshare property, but we can help you redeem it and reach timeshare freedom.

** 2016 Resort Update**

As of early March 2016 the federal government is looking into the Resorts for their high-pressure sales tactics. This Resort has received a large number of negative timeshare reviews and very few positive reviews, so it was only a matter of time until the federal government looked into their high-pressure sales tactics. Like many other timeshare companies, This resort also offers free information sessions with incentives to hard-sell timeshares to vacationers. These tactics have caught the attention of the CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau)  and they are demanding  “a list and description of all methods of advertisement employed to solicit buyers of its timeshares,” and data about the compensation of its sales staff and information on how often borrowers were refinancing their mortgages. We would not be surprised to see a timeshare lawsuit somewhere in the near future.

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Get Out Westgate Timeshare

As you will see in the videos below, this Resort has been accused of unsavory sales tactics and outright lies. If you find the accusations in the videos below familiar and unsettling to you, you may find great relief in using our liquidation services. No matter what your opinion of the resorts, it is safe to say there are a large number of owners looking to simply cancel their resorts timeshare and just walk away from their timeshare. Keep in mind though that the disproportionate amount of Resorts complaints may be simply attributed to the sheer number of owners that they have. Redemption and Release reviews all the Resort complaints to help better understand the needs of our clients who are desperately searching for the best way to Cancel the Resorts timeshare ownership.

Please watch the Resorts reviews videos below and review over some of our Timeshare Help Articles and then if you would like our help with canceling your Resorts timeshare ownership, simply let us know and a timeshare cancel professional can assist you.

Video Number One: Watch as a gentleman explains his supposed story of how he was treated at the Resorts timeshare seminar in Orlando, FL and why it can be such a challenge to sell or get out of the timeshare. Do you see similarities to his complaints allegations and your Resorts experience?

Resorts review video transcript:

Hello.  I’m Terry, and welcome to my Resort Report.  Basically I made a recording not too long ago, a couple months ago, and apparently because I was trying not to wake up my wife, I mumbled a little bit too quietly and none of you can hear me.  So I’m now saying this a heck of a lot more loudly, and I hope this will help save you.

More importantly what I’m going to tell you right now will probably save you a heck of a lot of money, because basically it says that if you’re already caught up into it or if you’re about to get caught up into it, what happened to me and what I’ve read since then on the net in the boards, complaints board or rip-off reports or some of the travel sites.  Do your research, due diligence.  On Google, go complaints, vacations villas, Vacation Villas or just the resort, you’ll get reports like crazy, and I’m not joking.

The Resort sounds like friendly organization.  They own resorts all over the place, but they are primarily a Timeshare Company, filled with lots and lots of little peons or salespeople who will give you the hard sell, who are trying to tug at your heartstrings.  Don’t let them.  They’re going to offer you all kinds of little trinkets, money, tickets, God knows what.  There is a kind of nasty way of getting it because they may not give it to you, but I’ll explain how to do it.  More importantly if you’ve been caught up with it and say I don’t know, you’re just recently handicapped, you’ve been injury, you’re no longer…you’re unemployed, whatever.  They don’t give a flying F…  Well, you know what I mean.  They want that money.  And that money alone, in resort maintenance fees alone can be extremely profitable for them.

So let’s get to the beginning.  About…  Was it January or February?  [Inaudible 02:06] Yeah.  In February of 2011 my wife and I went to Orlando and for the sole purpose really of just enjoying Universal Studios, then also visiting friends and so on, but Universal Studios.  In one of them next to the Simpson’s… [Inaudible 02:27] I just want to warn them where the damned thing is, Hon.  [Inaudible 02:30] Near the Simpson’s thing, the other one I can’t remember what ride it was, but at least just let you know how to avoid it, especially if you see it.  There is a booth offering free tickets for the Blue Man Group.  Now, first time around I kind of talked to this guy and told him, sorry, but I don’t have enough time.  I’m not seeing the Blue Man Group.  So they offered me money instead, about $100 bucks.  So I thought the offer was for a 90 minute presentation for a $100 bucks.  Sounded good.

Now I’ve been through timeshare stuff before in Canada, so I thought how different could it be?  So I get something out of it; if it’s interesting who knows, I might even buy it.  So I scheduled myself accordingly for 3 hours, and I was on a two day pass to Universal.  Now Universal Studios, the two part saves a lot of time, so I was pretty adamant about the 3 hours, because I wanted to see everything of course and ride everything.

Now this is what happened.  The following morning, went there, got invited by a manager and who sent us to a buffet breakfast which was a little bit better than a cafeteria, but it did have an all you can drink soda fountain, which rocked.  This manager guy, a bald black guy and a wife who is a pharmacist, the reason why I mentioned that is because one of you who is listening to this sooner or later might encounter him.  He’s going to show you wedding photos.  He’s going to show you his licenses.  He’s going to show life, just how wonderful it is to be a seller for the resort.  He’s going to explain about the resort.  He’s going to explain how he was a farseeing person, who bought all this land, who was independent and so on.

He’s trying to tug at your heartstrings and trying to make you see him as a person.  This is one of the best ways for a salesperson to ever get into your skin.  So right after that he showed us this brand new condo, quite nice, looks pretty good.  And he had this special attachment for a second room for guests and all kinds of things, free parking, so on.  Eh, seemed like a good deal.  And they had some cookies and the cookies were pretty good.

Then he drove around to show us some of the new things, such as the pools, the amenities, that type of thing.  That there was a free barbecue dinner every Wednesday or something like that.  So okay.  So my wife and I were sold and we decided to go for something for a unit about a one bedroom unit every two years for one full week.  I remember that exactly.  And you’re going to pay a certain amount of money and there’s maintenance fees every month, but your resort maintenance fees supposedly will never go up.  Okay, I was able to live with that.  So two and half hours in, very close to the three hour limit, I told him look, I’m on vacation.  I flew all the way down here.  I don’t have much time.  Give me the papers.  I’ll sign.  I’m gone.

What happened afterwards was two and half hours of hell.  For the first hour they just kept us sitting around waiting in some room where there were some snacks and so on.  And anyone from the resort is listening to this, shell the freaking drinks.  Next after that hour they sent us to a room for a notary.  The notaries there, they claimed to be independent with the State of Florida, but remember they’re working on site; on the resort areas.  So how independent can they be really?  Now what’s going on?  Then send us the first set of papers.  There was a couple of mistakes.  Had I not read and sat down and read those papers, I would have been screwed.  So I told them, fix them.  How hard can it be to fix?

About 20 minutes, half hour later a second set of papers came, and it was still incorrect.  Another half hour went by.  Now we’re at something like four hours, one hour over my time and I was getting pretty pissed.  Nothing…and then the papers came in and again, wrong terms.  So either how do you screw this up three times unless you’re deliberately trying to sneak past something on me.  Right there massive warning flags come up, plus the fact that it was already an hour over.  And it’s just gotten to be really frustrating.  Finally hour five came by.  I had promised myself that by hour five, come what may, deal or not, I was going to leave.  Hour five came, nothing, the papers still weren’t ready.  We started to leave.  The guy then suddenly appeared with these brand new papers out of the blue.  My guess is that they’re trying to exhaust you so you’ll miss these little terms, but that’s for another time.

Now what’s going on…I took the papers, I started to tear them and then when I told them, screw you all, I left.  By the way, they kept my credit card.  I had to cancel it.  So I left and that was it.  Oh, I forgot one thing.  I did get the $100 bucks, but only after I did agree to buy it.  Now from what I’ve read on the net, very often if it looks like they’re not serious about they may not give it to you.  And even our seller told me that if you don’t look serious that they won’t give you your stuff, your swag, whether it be tickets or money or whatever.  So if you want that stuff, pretend to agree, demand to see the papers right away, get the stuff and the minute you get the stuff, before they set the papers, before they set the notary, run for the hills.

Okay.  So what did I learn?  I learned right there that their promises ain’t worth crap.  Remember I had said  three hours, he said five.  On the net again, people have been stuck there for as much as eight hours or more.  Number two, they said that the maintenance fees will stay at the rate that you started out as.  No, go on the net, you’ll see reports of people as paying from $200 to as much as $600 bucks a month.  Now I’m pretty sure about you, $7,200 a year for maintenance fees for a property you don’t even use or you use only once a week is insane; way cheaper to get a hotel.

Next lie, internet.  Internet, I asked a couple of times, he said “Oh yes, there’s internet everywhere.”  Apparently not very good internet.  The coverage sucks and it’s $10 bucks a day.  Outside of that, I was glad I was out, but you could get caught also.  So here’s what I’m suggesting.  Don’t go to it in the first place, unless you really want to get that swag.  And if you’re going to get that swag, again I repeat, pretend you want to buy, get the stuff, then run.  Because once you’ve got the stuff and you haven’t signed any papers, there’s nothing they can do.  That’s number one.

Number two, just read the papers.  They tried to pull something on me and my wife three times.  If I didn’t read those papers I would have been screwed right there and then.  Okay, now that’s for everyone who had not signed up.

What if you’re already signed up?  This is what I’ve read on the net and you’re going to find this again…again do your due diligence, on Goggle, go through the boards.  If you have already paid, there is a 10 day buyers’ remorse clause in Florida that you can get out of.  You’re going to have to jump through hoops, but once that’s done you can get out of it and they have to return all the money and everything else to you.  That’s the first thing.

Now what about those who have been using it or kind of using it?  Well, first things first is that they don’t necessarily actually give you what you paid for.  Read the reports again and you’ll see.  Number two is that those monthly fees that will go up, don’t pay them.  I’m not a lawyer, so you might want to confirm this on the boards, to read for yourselves, but don’t pay them.  They have no recourse.  They will send their own personal collection agencies against you; they’ll send deals after you.  Don’t answer them or even speak to them for 12 months.  At that one year point, they have no choice but to reclaim the property because it’s theirs again.  Yes, you’ve lost the amount you paid, but at least you’re not going to be fleeced every year out of a couple of grand more.

So that’s pretty much it.  I hope I saved you some money.  And down with the resort.  Oh by the way, they were cited by the Federal Government for false practices about 2 to 3 years ago.  You can actually look this up on the net.  And the complaints are just rising and just going up and up and up.  Just be careful.  Take care and God bless.  How do I shut this down?

Transcription From Video Above:

Hi.  This is the story of a scam.  I’ve been scammed by the Resorts in Florida.  And I’m going to get back at them.  I swear to God I’m going to get back at them.  They deceived us; they lied and they hired somebody to impersonate an Agent of the State of Florida to deceive us [Inaudible 00:20] But the Resort, trust me, you’re going to get it.  If you don’t give us my money back, I’m going to kick your ass.  So give me my money back.  You scum, you are despicable.  You prey on us and then you lied to us and then you deceived us.  You prevent us from cancelling and now you want to just take our money and get away with it.  Eh?  You think we’re going to let you?  Here’s the money here, [Inaudible 00:51] I want my money back!  You hear me?  You stole it from me, Resort.  David Siegel, you’ve got to give it to me, because it’s my money.  I worked hard for it.  Do you hear me?  Resort [Inaudible 01:11] You stole it.  You lied to us and you did not let us cancel the next day.  Eh?  You hired this woman to pretend to be an Agent of the State of Florida.  You took advantage because we are French, but me, I won’t let you [Inaudible 01:29] You hear me?  I will go down and I will protect [Inaudible 01:33] I will take the police with me.  So trust me Resort to make the timeshare scam…  this Resort is a timeshare scam.  They took advantage of us because we were foreigners.  They lied to us and then when we wanted to cancel, eh?  They said, “Oh, you have to [Inaudible 01:56] You didn’t let us.  Eh?  They ran.  They disappeared and then they trapped us.  Eh?  And they just took $4,000 from me.  I am so pissed, I haven’t slept well and I haven’t eaten well.  But I swear to God, I won’t leave this country without my money back. Resort is a scam and Dave Siegel; I’m going to get you.  And I’m going to get you down.  You hear me?  Take you down.  [Speaking French 02:32] You steal money from people, but with me, I’m going to be the last victim.  You hear me?  Eh?  [Speaking French 02:47]  I’m going to let everybody know about your scam.  This resort is a timeshare scam run by a con-artist called David Siegel who steals money from people.  Who deceived us, their employee by instructing to deceive their clients and they do not let them cancel.  That’s what happened with this woman.  Eh?  She did not let us cancel the next day.  They made us believe it was a villa because they deceived us.  But I swear on my life, I will get back to you [Speaking French 03:42] You hear me, David Siegel?  Resort you’ll pay.  You’re going to give my money back [Speaking French 03:52]

Angry French Woman Describers Her Experience - 2nd Video
Video Number Three: **CAUTION** Adult Language **CAUTION** Watch as an ANGRY woman shares her experiences with Resorts

Transcription From Above:

Hi, again it’s me.  Yeah, I’ve been scammed by the Resort in Orlando, Florida.  But trust me I’m going to get my money back from them, because you know what I’m going to do?  I’m going to go down there.  Eh?  And I’m going to expose them and I’m going to have a little chat with these two or three crooks who scammed us.  Eh?  Because they lied, “Oh yeah, it’s a villa.  Oh yeah, it’s a villa that you’re getting.”  Eh?  Then when we wanted to cancel, “Oh, no. No.”  And then you disappeared.  Eh?  You think we don’t know what you’re doing to us, Resort?  Eh?  We read the law on the net.  Eh?  You think you can steal money from Somella, and I will do nothing?  Eh?  I’m crazy, yes.  I’m crazy when somebody scammed me I become another person.  I become a beast.  You hear me?  You think you can just steal money from me like this?  Eh?  In America?  This is what it is all about?  This is how the Resort do?  [Inaudible 01:16]  Eh?  Resort [Inaudible 01:20]The Resort [Inaudible 01:22] Eh?  You lied and we signed the contract because you lied.  You hear me?  You lied.  We didn’t know.  We didn’t have somebody to read it for us.  And when we wanted to cancel you did not let us.  Mm?  Because this is what you do.  Eh?  Resort [Inaudible 01:47] Resort timeshare scam.  You think I’m going to let you do this to me?  Eh?  After all the good things I did in my time, and in this country [Inaudible 01:58] No it’s not country [Inaudible 02:01] I’m just tired.  I’m just pissed off.  You the [Inaudible 02:03] You are the [Inaudible 02:04 -02:17] No. NO!  Because I will destroy you.  You hear me?  This Somella, this little French woman is going to get you.  Is going to get you and is going to eat you alive, like we eat french-fries.  I’m going to eat you alive, because I won’t let anybody steal my money.  Resort timeshare scam.  You didn’t [Inaudible 02:45 – 02:52] I swear if I have to die I’ll die, but not before I get you down.  Resort, you heard me?  You hear me?  You hear me?  [Inaudible 03:08] trash.  You have scammed millions of people.  Eh?  They are tapes out there with your employees pointing their fingers at you.  Eh?  Saying that you instruct them to deceive us and then not let us cancel.  Eh?  This woman, she was hired to prevent us from canceling.  And first you deceive us and then you lied to us and then disappeared.  Eh?  We called her.  We called her, but no.  And then when I called her under the fake name a month ago she reappeared.  “Oh no, you account has been cancelled.”  Do you think I’m stupid?  It screamed scam from the beginning.  From the time she refused to give us [Inaudible 03:56] Eh?  I am so pissed at the Resort that won’t rest until I get you down for stealing my money.  Eh?  And then hiding behind your so-called contract, and so-called money.  I’ll get with Oprah if I have to or Obama, but you don’t scam people and you don’t scam foreigners, especially French people.  [Inaudible 04:28]  The Resort is [Inaudible 04:32] Scam [Inaudible 04:33] You hear me?  Resort [Inaudible 04:37]

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