Canceling a Timeshare in Pennsylvania

canceling a timeshare in pennsylvaniaCanceling a timeshare in Pennsylvania is perhaps not as easy to do as it is in many other states. Unfortunately, the state of Pennsylvania has yet to implement a truly comprehensive package of consumer protection legislation when it pertains to timeshares. There are some state regulations for timeshare buyer protection, but not to the extent that other states have put in place.

If you buy a timeshare in Pennsylvania, in the majority of cases, you do have the right to rescind a Pennsylvania timeshare contract if you do so in the specified time period.

Additionally, Pennsylvania timeshare laws make it mandatory that you as the timeshare buyer are provided a Public Offering Statement as disclosure of the details of the transaction. These are rights you should be aware of prior to signing a timeshare contract in Pennsylvania. If you don’t know what legal protection is in place, you may not be able to act in time should you want to cancel your contract.

On top of that, you need to recognize that if you fail to make your timeshare mortgage payments or any associated special assessments levied upon your timeshare, you will be subject to Pennsylvania timeshare foreclosure proceedings.

Pennsylvania Timeshare Law Public Offering Statement

The Pennsylvania timeshare public offering statement is a document that must contain basic details about the timeshare development and also crucial concerns to think about in making a timeshare acquisition.

Pennsylvania timeshare laws require the developer of the timeshare to provide you with the general public offering statement on the same date that you authorize the contract with your signature (68 Pa. Stat. § 4408 (a)).

Certain specific information must be disclosed about the timeshare in the public offering statement, consisting of:

  • The expected assessment of common expenses for every timeshare unit.
  • The determined liabilities of timeshare owners (both individually and collectively) to pay for typical expenses and assessments.
  • Details of how to cancel a Pennsylvania timeshare purchase (68 Pa.Ann. § 4405).

How to Cancel a Timeshare Purchase in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania timeshare laws allow you to terminate a timeshare contract within 7 days after your receipt of the official Public Offering Statement. Nevertheless, if you have received the aforementioned Public Offering Statement greater than 7 days prior to the date you sign the contract, you CANNOT cancel the timeshare contract.(68 Pa. Stat. Ann. § 4408 (c)).

The only exception in this case is if you got the general public offering declaration greater than 7 days just before signing the contract, but subsequently a change was made to the Public Offering Statement that substantially and negatively effects your responsibilities and rights AND the property hasn’t been transferred yet. In this case, you have the legal right to terminate the timeshare contract within 7 days after you receive the amendment to the contract (68 Pa. Stat.Ann. § 4408(c )).

Procedure to Cancel a Timeshare Contract in Pennsylvania

To cancel the timeshare agreement, you need to either:

  • Personally deliver the written Notice of Cancellation to the timeshare developer.
  • Use the U.S. Postal Office to mail the Notice of Cancellation to the developer by prepaid, certified mail. You should also request “Return Receipt” to ensure that there is documentation of the mail being received at the timeshare developer’s office. (68 Pa. § 4408 (e)).

Refunds to Pennsylvania Timeshare Buyers Who Cancel Their Contracts

Timeshare developers are not allowed to charge any type of cancellation penalty in the case that you rescind your contract. All payments that the developer may have collected at the time of the signing of the contract must be returned promptly. (68 Pa. Stat. Ann. § 4408(e)).

Pennsylvania Timeshare Foreclosures

It is common for timeshare buyers to take out a mortgage for financing the purchase of a Pennsylvania timeshare. Because deeded timeshares are treated as real estate, it is possible that you may lose your timeshare through a Pennsylvania foreclosure proceeding if you fail to make loan repayments on time.

Timeshare owners are required to keep up with any monthly timeshare mortgage payments, as well as all maintenance charges and special assessments that may be charged to them by the timeshare developer. These special assessments likely will include utilities and taxes associated with timeshare ownership. If you drop behind in the payment of these associated expenses, you could also face timeshare foreclosure in Pennsylvania.

Finding Pennsylvania’s Timeshare Law

For a thorough examination of Pennsylvania timeshare laws, simply visit the Pennsylvania State Legislature’s website at Choose the “Statutes” link as the top, then click “Consolidated Statutes,” which brings up the Table of Contents. You’ll find the appropriate information in Title 68 (Real and also Personal Property), Part II (Real Property), Chapter 44.

Too Late to Cancel a Pennsylvania Timeshare?

How to Get Rid of a Pennsylvania Timeshare

If you’ve missed the deadline for timeshare cancellation and also you find yourself having difficulty affording to make your timeshare payments, or you simply want to relinquish all timeshare obligations there is hope! Contact the Timeshare Redemption specialists at Redemption and Release, LLC today to learn about different ways to legally get rid of a Pennsylvania timeshare.

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