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Community Economic Council

We here at Redemption and Release, LLC have worked hard over the years to build our brand name within the Timeshare Redemption industry. Our team of professionals are very careful about the company we keep and only allow the highest quality sales offices to utilize our product and resources. These few handpicked companies subscribe to the highest level of business ethics and integrity worthy enough of using our Timeshare Redemption services for fulfillment. Since we provide fulfillment for Community Economic Council  you have nothing to worry about when considering using their Timeshare Redemption services. We provide all the fulfillment for Timeshare Redemption (paid in full timeshare properties) clients that their office serves. Our exclusivity contract gives you a guaranteed success rate of 100% coupled with our 100% money back guarantee. Our assigned Liquidation Specialists have years of Timeshare Redemption experience and understand exactly how to handle even the toughest of timeshares with professionalism and wholesale pricing.

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Community Economic Council 

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