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We’ve received your request for a personal consultation from the timeshare contract experts at Redemption and Release, LLC. By filling out our form, you have put one step forward on the road to Timeshare Freedom! We’d like to express our gratitude for putting your trust in us. We want you to know that we understand that if you are here, you’ve probably become disenchanted with the timeshare industry. The good news is that your search for help in getting out of your timeshare ended when you found our website and requested your free consultation.

Just as soon as possible, you’ll receive an in-depth personal consultation to help you achieve Timeshare Freedom! We are passionate about helping folks just like you get rid of their timeshare obligations and gain the peace of mind they need to take control of their financial situations. Now, you can stop looking for solutions to your timeshare problems…
You don’t need to look any further!


Timeshare cancellation help CanadaYou’ll receive your first call from one of our friendly, knowledgeable Timeshare Redemption experts for your Free Timeshare Cancellation Consultation. As you await our call, we suggest you gather up any and all documents you may possess associated to your timeshare ownership. Though this is not required in order for us to provide you with your free consultation, it assists us in giving you the most accurate and timely advice for your personal timeshare situation.

Cancel a Timeshare contractDuring your initial Timeshare Redemption consultation, a Redemption and Release Senior Adviser will be asking a few questions about your timeshare ownership to see if our Timeshare Redemption program is right for you and your timeshare situation. If for some reason Timeshare Redemption is inappropriate for your timeshare cancellation needs, your Senior Adviser will still provide expert guidance on how you should proceed in your attempt to get out of your timeshare obligations.

Get out of a TimeshareMost likely, you will be qualified for the Redemption and Release Timeshare Redemption program, and your Senior Adviser at that point will go to great lengths to provide a detailed breakdown of how our company will proceed in bringing your timeshare ownership to it’s cancellation and ultimate conclusion in a timely and efficient manner.

Timeshare helpAs well, you’ll be supplied with a general timeline as to what you can expect at each step in the Timeshare Redemption process.


Timeshare cancelAfter you’ve successfully enrolled in our timeshare cancellation program, you’ll be assigned a dedicated Case Manager. Your Consumer Advocate will become your best friend and confidant throughout the rest of the Timeshare Redemption process.


Timeshare cancellation helpYou’ll receive regular calls and emails from your Case Manager to keep you well-informed at every step of the timeshare cancellation process, so that you aren’t left to wonder what’s happening with the cancellation of your timeshare contract.


Timeshare cancellationAt the end of the process, your Case Manager will call to congratulate you for having officially achieved Timeshare Freedom! We’ll then generate and send you a closing packet which will confirm that your timeshare contract has officially been cancelled and you are no longer liable to pay any timeshare costs, fees or assessments ever again!

We built our company on an absolute, unwavering commitment to superior customer service with client satisfaction as our top priority. As a result, the majority of our clients come to us as direct referrals from previous customers who were so thrilled with our services that they told their relatives and friends how we helped them put an end to their timeshare nightmares!

“We look forward to seeing you on the other side of timeshare freedom!”



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