Get Rid of a Resorts Timeshare

Resorts Timeshare Presentation

Resorts International is known to be one of the largest companies that sell timeshare contracts all around the world to consumers. They partake in timeshare sales presentations that involve free offerings to consumers in exchange for attendance at a claimed four-hour presentation. They will usually offer something called sampler points, where they give a trial for how a timeshare might “feel” like with a temporary stay at a vacation property. This is usually done to entice those who attend the presentation to purchase an actual timeshare, which they usually end up doing and experience the following events that we will go over in this article. The features we will go over when owning a Resorts timeshare are the very reasons why owners ask the frequent question of “how do I get rid of a Resorts timeshare?”

get rid of a diamond resorts timeshare

What are Resorts Timeshares?

Resorts Timeshares are contracts in which multiple owners share ownership of a vacation property, which they can usually visit once a year. These timeshare properties are generally sold in the form of points, fixed week, right-to-use, and floating. A fixed-week timeshare is one where the owner reserves a block of time in the near future within a given year to utilize their timeshare. This week will always be defaulted and fixed every year moving forward from the initial moment of ownership. The floating week form of timeshare ownership grants the owner the right to reserve at any given time without it being fixed, which enables them more flexibility, but the downside is that prime times maybe frequently booked by others if not hastily reserved. The right-to-use ownership is when the owner has the right to reserve use of the vacation property for a specific agreed upon period of time from the resort every single year, although they can use it the original ownership will always stay with the resort. The points system is very similar to floating, although there is more flexibility in choosing various locations with the respective resort, as owners can exercise their acccumulated points and stay at their stipulated property every year.

What happens when I own a Resorts Timeshare?

After the initial purchase of the Resorts timeshare, the owner is than responsibly for all expenses related to the property they have been legally contracted to. The timeshare contract they signed off on, was a legal contract that stipulated certain clauses that are usually unfavorable in the long run to most owners. Those unfavorable features are usually revolving around the fact that there are perpetual fees that must be paid by the owner for the lifetime of the timeshare. If those fees are not paid for whatever reason, the owner will have a damaging negative entry to their credit report that will stay there for seven years. This is one of the major reasons why most owners desire to get rid of their Resorts timeshare as it causes them tremendous financial distress. There are numerous complaints that can be found on the Internet that owners have made against Resorts Timeshares for multiple reasons. One reason is the limited usage of their timeshare, which they cannot practice due to it being booked all the time and the contracts not being flexible enough to enjoy on their own accord.

How do I get rid of my Resorts Timeshare?

This is the main concern most owners have after finding out the harsh realities that come about from owning a Resorts timeshare. Owning the timeshare and experiencing financial difficulties from the maintenance fees that are due every year can take a negative mental and financial toll on most owners. The next best decision after witnessing the true face of owning a Resorts timeshare is to than legally & permanently get rid of it. The major advantage that owners experience after getting rid of their Resorts Timeshare is that they never have to legally pay another timeshare fee ever again! We here at REDEMPTION & RELEASE LLC have helped thousands of families get out of financial distress from their timeshares and have permanently ended their ownership. We are proud to mention that we have a 100% success rate in cancelling timeshares legally & permanently. That means that our clients will never have to legally pay a timeshare fee for the rest of their lives, and the timeshare will legally be transferred out of their name. Just request a FREE-Consultation Below and a timeshare cancellation qualifications expert will reach out to you!



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