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Redemption and Release, LLC specializes in Resort timeshare redemption. Getting rid of a Resorts timeshare is not something easily done without the expertise of experienced timeshare liquidators like ourselves.

Resorts is known for having some of the most beautiful timeshare resorts worldwide, the best timeshare salesmen in the industry and the most “creative” financing options… Which can lead to many people purchasing something they later regret and financially cant afford. You don’t have to be stuck in the timeshare trap, you can finally Get Rid Of a Timeshare and get the timeshare freedom your wallet deserves.

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“Dissatisfied With Your Timeshare”

 * Crushing Monthly Maintenance Fees 

         * Painful Annual Obligations To Use

         * Extreme Pressure ‘Owner Updates’ Meetings   (constant upsell)

    * Confusing Points Exchange System

  * Liabilities Passed To Future Generations


“Redeem Your Timeshare”

* No More Pesky Maintenance Fee Bills!

* No More Annual Obligations to Exchange Companies!

* No More Sales Seminars!

* No More Confusing Vacation Programs!

* No More Timeshare Debts Passed To Children!

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