How to Get Rid of a Resorts Timeshare

What is it?

This Resort is one of the largest resorts in the timeshare industry that sell vacation ownerships to consumers all around the world. The process usually starts with a an incentive such as a Disney World ticket at a deeply discounted price that attracts the average consumer into going to their timeshare sales presentation in order to obtain the gift. Once the consumer attends the timeshare presentation is when all the deceptions and trickery begins. They have been widely known to scam thousands of people out of their money by locking them into high-pressured sales presentations in which they bind them a to a legal contract, known as a timeshare. We will disclose the repercussions of owning a timeshare and how to get rid of a Resorts Timeshare in this very article.


Now one might ask, if its so high-pressured than why don’t the consumers just leave? Well the consumers tend to stay in the presentation thinking it will only be two to three hours long and than they can claim their “free” gift. Although little do they know, that they might just end up staying there for four hours or even more in some cases! The resorts tactics on making the selling atmosphere very high-pressured has its reasons. First of all, they can exhaust the consumers out with the frustration they will face sitting around & waiting for it to be over, and than they would end up purchasing the timeshare just so they can leave while claiming the “free” gift as well.

how to get rid of westgate resorts timeshare

Why Get Out?

As you can see, moving hastily into purchasing a legally binding contract such as a timeshare is a very dangerous decision to make. Once after purchasing a Resort’s timeshare, the consumers than realize the burdens that come along with it. These burdens can be very detrimental to ones finances down the road, as they will now be liable towards paying perpetually increasing fees on an annual basis. This very reason is enough to convince anyone to not be involved in a timeshare contract. There are even more reasons why timeshare owners want to get out of a Resort’s Timeshare, such as the harm to their credit scores if they cannot pay the annual fees. If owners consistently miss payments, the collections agencies will than get involved and also create a negative entry to the owner’s credit report. This entry will stay there on record for seven years before being erased.

The Benefits of Getting out of a Timeshare

The biggest benefits in getting out of a Resort’s Timeshare is that it will take all responsibilities off the hands of the owner in a legal & permanent manner! That simply means they will never have to legally pay another timeshare maintenance fee, ever again. If the timeshare is fully paid off and not under a mortgage, than we here at REDEMPTION & RELEASE LLC will transfer it out from the owner’s name back to the Resorts. REDEMPTION & RELEASE LLC have helped thousands of consumers who have mortgages on their Resorts timeshare successfully cancel their Resort’s Timeshare contract. Just request a FREE-Consultation below and be on your way to get rid of that Resort’s timeshare with our easy and stress-free cancellation process.



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