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Give Back Timeshare BBBAs most of you have learned, giving back your timeshare is not an easy task. Unfortunately, timeshare resorts will no longer accept timeshare inventory back from the owner. The resorts are only interested in one thing from you, continued profits. These resorts would rather have a timeshare owner “locked” into a property they don’t use, indefinitely paying annual fees, than taking the property back to resell to new owners. Resorts realize a significant “revenue stream” from owners who pay maintenance fees on properties they rarely utilize. This excess inventory is then used by the resort directly to lure more people into the resort for presentations on unsold units.

Give Back Timeshare BBB Report


No More Maintenance Fees
Eliminate Exchange & Annual Fees
Full Time Legal Advisor Available
No High Pressure Seminars – Join From Home
End Chances Of Children Inheriting Liability
Lowest Prices In The Industry
Simple, Easy & Fast Process
Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
This is NOT Timeshare Re-Sales or Rental

Give Back Timeshare BBB Report

The Resort Owners Want You Trapped Forever!

Give Back Timeshare

Fight The Resort By Getting Rid Of Your Timeshare With Us

 Typically, this is the last resort for many timeshare owners. At this stage, most timeshare owners have felt the pains of trying to sell their timeshare only to find that there is no secondary market for their week. At this stage, many  timeshare owners are desperate. Our Timeshare Redemption process has excited an entire nation of distressed timeshare owners looking for a safe exit strategy. Our experience and corporate contracts have allowed us to absorb upwards of 93% of all timeshares within the United States and Canada. When your property qualifies, we simply assign your ownership interests into our network of distressed asset aggregates – deeding the property out of your name for life

Not Using Your Timeshare?

Can’t Sell Your Timeshare?

Tired of Upfront Listing Fees?


No More Maintenance Fees –  No More Annual Dues

Get Rid Of Your Timeshare Today!

Give Back Timeshare BBB Report

Redemption and Release, LLC is the nations most trusted provider for fast and easy timeshare liquidation. Whether it is our FREE Timeshare Help Articles,  our inexpensive and no-haggle pricing,  or our amazing client testimonials – Redemption and Release has quickly become one of the most trusted Timeshare Redemption offices in North America.  

Our corporate commitment is to offer you value and experience unparalleled in the industry. 


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