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Let’s Be Honest,

If you found this website, you are looking for alternatives to the expensive GiveBack Timeshare process. As you are well aware by now, give back timeshare is one of the most advertised timeshare liquidation services offered nationwide. This giveback timeshare process is virtually identical to our guaranteed Timeshare Redemption process – except for the price. Our Timeshare Redemption service provides a guaranteed, professional and streamlined timeshare liquidation yet saves you THOUSANDS off what others charge. Some of these GiveBackTimeshare companies have grown exponentially over the last decade, from the gross profits received from their clients. These companies could be considered the quintessential “big corporate oligarchs” who have been able to create Wall Street-esque margins by ‘controlling’ what some would say is nearly 60-70% of the entire timeshare giveback market for years.


Annual Maintenance Cost
$299 or Less $2,995
$300 – $599 $3,895
$600 – $899 $4,495
$900 – $1299 $5,495
$1300 – $1999 $6,995

Our Services Cost THOUSANDS Less.

We dont need to haggle. We offer lower prices. Period.

If you Google give back timeshare you will find an expansive SEO (search engine optimization) effort which has successfully aligned these firms in the top position on Google’s search results. Also, you may notice that they are almost always one of the first ads that appear for the keyword “Timeshare” in Google’s pay per click (PPC) marketing program. The financial costs to pull this off are TREMENDOUS and almost unimaginable for most consumers to comprehend. Just like with all marketing budgets there is a shared profit to operating formula that exists. The unsavory reality is that the consumer typically ends up paying for all these extremely expensive marketing budgets. For this one simple reason, less aggressive and equal quality companies like Redemption and Release, LLC can offer SIGNIFICANTLY LESS EXPENSIVE options.

You could spend years trying to digest and discover which timeshare company wont overcharge you by thousands of dollars. These large give back timeshare companies seem to have the market cornered to the point where they can create their own prices. These companies have such a strangle hold on the Give Back Timeshare market that they have Inflated Prices to the point where it is painful for families across the nation to even afford their services. Our giveback timeshare reviews are that some seem to have a monopoly on the giveback timeshare industry, and thats never a good thing for the consumer. Unfortunately, families who dont discover our company are left with no other alternative than to scrape together money from friends and families to get out of the timeshare they no longer can afford or use. We find that the people who need timeshare assistance the most are those who cant easily afford our competitors services. Givebacktimeshare companies should be aware of their client base and offer flexible pricing like Redemption and Release offers.


Low Cost + No Haggle Pricing = Freedom From Your Timeshare

What do our competitors charge?

While prices vary wildly from company to company, many timeshare giveback companies use your maintenance fee as a guideline for the prices they charge you. The sales “pitch” is that the higher your maintenance fee is, the more expensive the transfer process will be. This has been a creative way to solicit more money from those who need timeshare giveback the most. Typically the timeshare owners with lower maintenance fees are not looking for a timeshare exit solution, however, their counterparts with the more expensive maintenance fees are in desperate need. Does it really cost more money to transfer a 2bedroom than a 1bedroom resort? The simple answer, NO. Is it a giveback timeshare scam then to charge more for a transfer just because of the maintenance fees? No. However, it is a brilliant self inflated price increasing sales ploy.

The truth is that most of our competitors are truly over priced. We do not haggle, we do not play games – we offer guaranteed transfers at the lowest prices in the industry. We are the nations leading Timeshare Redemption firm and we have built a following of successful and happy clients with our low cost pricing structure. Our clients told us that they first shopped our competitors only to find that they played the typical sales games. These give back timeshare companies start with a high sales price, simply to lower the price later. Doesn’t that sound just as bad as when you bought your timeshare in the first place?


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We are glad you found our honest, low cost, no frills, professional, one-stop-shop approach to getting out of your timeshare. We look forward to hearing from you. We promise to respect your time and treat you with the professionalism and respect you deserve. Redemption and Release will not ask for you to participate in a high pressure givebacktimeshare webinar. We know you already understand the high costs of timeshare ownership and the pitfalls of trying to sell your timeshare on the secondary market. Our companies understands you are looking for the safest and most cost effective way of liquidating your timeshare – and we graciously thank you for choosing our services.

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