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Groupwise Timeshare Reviews

What is a timeshare postcard company? A postcard company (also known as PCC’s) is a timeshare release company who advertises predominantly with the use of postcards delivered to mailboxes nationwide. Many of these postcard companies travel around the nation hosting high pressure seminars out of local hotels. The reviews online show that many use scare tactics and make a number of lofty claims. The end result can sometimes be consumers paying THOUSANDS of dollars to liquidate their timeshare, with the hopes of the PCC actually following through with their promises. Many of these companies originally used postcards that were designed to be intentionally deceiving, and some may say that they were even a scamGroupwise timeshare is one of the companies that is famous for their presence in the postcard timeshare industry. We have no negative Groupwise timeshare reviews. We firmly believe that they provide an honest and quality service, albeit at a financial premium. Redemption and Release, LLC provides our Timeshare Redemption service for a fraction of the cost that others charge – providing you timeshare freedom and saving you THOUSANDS!

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Various postcard companies and their timeshare services are popping up all over the nation – and in hotel meeting rooms near you. These postcard companies have a tremendous marketing strategy. Attempt to send postcards to a large number of timeshare owner in an area, alerting them that they may be interested in making an offer on your timeshare.  They deceivingly give off the impression that they will make an offer to BUY YOUR timeshare. If you take the leap of faith and attend one of these types of seminars, you typically only find that the only  “offer” companies like these will make is for you to pay them up to $10,000 to get out of your timeshares! This bait-n-switch marketing ploy has raised the ire of many state consumer services and consumer advocacy groups nationwide.

The only GroupWise timeshare reviews warning we can give is that – others may charge significantly less. Here at Redemption and Release we believe in upfront prices, and no gimmick marketing. We offer Timeshare Redemption services for hundreds to thousands of dollars less than Group Wise Inc and other postcard companies offer.

Our own investigations show that some of these companies charge $3,000+ more than our services cost.  Many companies can help in these tough situations, ours can help for a SMALL fraction of what others charge. GroupWise timeshare complaints are not very frequent in our experience, and this company seems to be able to perform as promised. However, when analyzing your budget please keep in mind that our company provides the timeshare redemption process for pennies on the dollar in comparison.

While no one should have any GroupWise Inc complaints since it seems they are a good company that does its job as contracted. However, you may have heartburn once you realize that our company provides a similar timeshare relief process called Timeshare Redemption for hundreds to thousands less!

We all are susceptible to getting caught in the hype at one of those timeshare liquidation presentations at the local hotel. Its at these hotels where most people have come up with their own Group Wise Inc Reviews.  Because most timeshare liquidation salesmen are so good at convincing you of imminent financial doom –  you just may fork over thousands more for a service others provide for less. Most people find that they could have had easily achieved timeshare help for less had they searched around and found a better value in our company. Owners – protect yourselves. Be involved and think about your timeshare exit options. Exercise your right – to not overpay.  Redemption and Release, LLC is the nations only Timeshare Redemption company. We don’t overcharge for our services, to learn more about your low cost Timeshare Redemption fee – simply click below.

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