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Your phone rings… after answering the operator generously mentions a completely un-refutable offer on a 3-day exquisite vacation to your dream destination at such a low-price unimaginable to you. In other instances you may have received an invite towards a “brief” 90-minute Timeshare Presentation in which you would receive a FREE Gift reflecting that of hard-cold cash. Many have gone through the same experience when they were first introduced to the world of Timeshares. These attractive Free Gifts ranging from concert tickets, dinner vouchers, vacations packages and incentives filled with temptation are just the first trick-in-the-bag for Timeshare companies to lure in consumers to hear their pitch. Little do they know the horrible predicament they will fall into after purchasing these timeshares is why we have various articles that are a tremendous help for timeshare owners. There are plenty of reviews reflecting how worthless most of these timeshares are from a financial perspective.



Many people who attend these timeshare presentations find out very quickly that everything isn’t filled with glitz and glitter. First and foremost the thought of fulfilling the obligation of staying for the full 90-minutes in the presentation is what consumers “think” will happen, but tend to see that it extends much longer than they expected. The environment is filled with the idea of investing in timeshares coming off as the next “Gold Rush”, and the sales person conveys every reason why you’re next family expedition to the Grand Cayman Islands is a signature away on the black dotted line. The sales person tries to find a middle ground to connect with you by having conversations on your splendid interests, your beloved family, and how investing in timeshares properties will generate cash flows beyond your imagination. If that wasn’t the case, than maybe the high-pressured sales tactics and the continuous hours elapsing in front of your eyes had you in a vulnerable position. They created a false sense of urgency where this once-in-a-lifetime deal was going to slip away from your hands if you didn’t act on impulse, so you gave in and purchased the timeshare. Soon after reflecting and reviewing your timeshare purchase decision, you than realized the grave mistake that was made.

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help4tsoThese are all intentional strategies that Timeshare companies use to capitalize on consumers. Of course after the presentation is over many timeshare owners report a feeling of “regret”, and justifiably so after being exposed to the fact that they will pay expensive property fees on an annual basis. Timeshare owners start to feel helpless, confused, and scammed because of such unfair clauses in their contract. Due to these false promises and fraudulent behaviors, there are a handful of timeshare companies and resorts that have exuberant complaints. This is the very reason we here at REDEMPTION & RELEASE have the help for timeshare owners that they deserve! We know how emotionally deceived you feel, and how those yearly fees can take a toll on your finances which can cause an immense amount of stress! That’s why we offer a FREE Consultation & 100% Money Back Guarantee, no questions asked! We have the help for timeshare owners that are backed by reviews & testimonials expressing pure satisfaction from customers all over the U.S. We have been persistently helping timeshare owners reach timeshare freedom with an astounding 100% success rate and even more importantly, a smile on their face!



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