Timeshare Redemption1

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The act of Transferring a monetarily worthless timeshare from an individual to an inventory aggregate via a trusted corporation.

Analysis of Timeshare Redemption1:

Our assignees have exclusive partnerships with large scale Inventory Aggregates 2 and Wholesale Travel Clubs in search of timeshare inventory. The relationships we have formed with these companies over the years have allowed us to develop an unparalleled proprietary Timeshare Redemption program.

Inventory Aggregates 2: persons who buy timeshare weeks by the hundreds, for as little as a penny.

Timeshare Redemption: Step By Step

- 3 Simple Steps to Timeshare Freedom!

Step 1: Contact Us

You fill out our online contact form or call our office directly toll-free at (888) 743-9051 to schedule your FREE, No-Obligation Timeshare Consultation. We give you a free consultation from one of our Timeshare Redemption experts, qualifying your property for our program. You enroll in our service and are assigned a Dedicated Case Manager who will work on your Timeshare Redemption process and keep in close contact with you and coach you through every step of the way to Timeshare Freedom.

Step 2: Transfer Packets

Your dedicated Case Manager prepares and sends you a personalized Transfer Packet, with detailed instructions.You send back your completed Transfer Packet for processing by our Licensed, Bonded and Insured Title Office

Step 3: New Ownership & Freedom

New ownership documents are recorded and recognized at the Courthouse. Resort accepts the official name change and you receive a Congratulatory Phone Call from your Case Manager to inform you that you have officially achieved Timeshare Freedom! The final documentation is mailed to you and the headaches of timeshare ownership are now just a distant memory.
You are never responsible for any further fees or charges associated to your former timeshare contract ever again…Guaranteed!

Timeshare Supply and Demand:

Did you know that one popular timeshare resale listing website has almost 14,000 timeshare weeks for sale – in Florida alone?! There are hundreds of thousands of weeks for sale, and your week just adds to the monstrous tsunami of timeshare weeks for sale which is much greater than the trickle of people looking to buy a timeshare.

Your timeshare will not stand out with hundreds of thousands of other people trying to sell their weeks, too. Many of these people are so desperate to stop paying their maintenance fee, they list their timeshare for as little as a dollar. Unfortunately, most of these weeks never sell either – as there is no demand.

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Life Without Redemption and Release, LLC:

As most timeshare owners in America and Canada have been learning over the past few years, giving back a timeshare is virtually impossible. Many people are stuck paying maintenance fees year after year and not using their timeshare weeks either due to health or financial reasons.

A major increase to the success of the timeshare industry was during the “baby boomers” working years. During these years, timeshare sales sharply increased as these families were able to buy timeshares for a low price, with surprisingly low maintenance fees. This was a great opportunity for many people of this age group to take fun and relaxing family vacations during the child rearing years. These purchases took place during a great economic time here in the America’s and not too many people saw the upcoming financial doom of the timeshare industry.

Unfortunately, it was a perfect storm; as the traditional timeshare owning households saw their children move out of the house a traditional timeshare vacation wasn’t as desirable. Many retirees love cruising and international tours, and timeshare does not assist in these types of vacations. Also, as these baby boomers hit retirement they also have to deal with the financial restrictions that being on a fixed income imposes. It has become hard to justify spending $800-$1400 a year on maintenance fees and exchange fees for a style of vacation one no longer has a passionate desire for or can afford to take.

Many people become so desperate they pay a “resale phone room” somewhere between $400-$2,500 just to simply list their timeshare for sale, with absolutely no guarantees! NEVER PAY TO LIST YOUR TIMESHARE! These listing companies will almost never sell your week; the truth is, no one will ever sell your week. You will discover over time that the only option you have is to either keep paying your resort tens of thousands of dollars in maintenance fees over the next number of years, or sign up to use our services which provide you a friendly and professional guaranteed timeshare redemption service.

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