How To Cancel a Resort Timeshare

How To Cancel Westgate TimeshareThis Resort is one of the biggest names in the timeshare industry but they also happen to be one of the resorts with the most timeshare complaints. According to the consumer affairs website there have been over one hundred complaints related to the Resort’s practices and service. Unfortunately consumers continue to buy into the timeshares and it is up to companies like Redemption and Release to rid these consumers of their timeshare headaches.

The woman in the video below tells the detailed story of how she was talked into purchasing a timeshare that resulted in her losing over eight thousand dollars. This woman also reports receiving harassing phone calls, threats to ruin her credit score, and was given fake phone numbers. Resorts like this one have no consideration for customers that no longer wish to own timeshares. Once the contract is signed you can potentially be locked in for decades. These are all common traits of a timeshare resort trying to scam an innocent customer. Incidents of deception are running rampant in the timeshare industry but it is important for victims to know that there is a way out of their stressful situations.

Getting out of a Timeshare can be difficult with out professional assistance that you can trust. Here at Redemption and Release we will take the steps to help you get out of your timeshare contract in a 100% legal and permanent manner. As an added level of security for our clients we offer two 100% money back guarantees on all our timeshare ownership transfers. Contact us today for a free consultation with one of our timeshare cancellation experts.

Timeshare Negative Reviews

Video Transcription:

I am frustrated, and I am tired, and I’m angry because of what has happened to me because of timeshare. I’ve been a timeshare owner at this resort for the past 27 years and while I did use the timeshare, we used the timeshare and even let other family members and friends use the timeshare, and we were excited about the use of the timeshare something occurred with me on August of 2012 that has caused me to become a disgruntled and angry timeshare owner and I don’t want any part of it anymore.

In August 15 of 2012, I got a telephone invitation to come to TGIF restaurant in West Waterbury to talk about my timeshare. By this time, I’m older so I’m not using the timeshare anymore and I really wanted to get rid of it. I thought that at least I would be able to pay this company, pay this company to take the timeshare off my hands. I’ve spoken about that with one of the company before but the amount that they asked me for was higher than I was willing to pay. So I went to TGIF had the lunch and met with a young woman by the name of Lisa Landry, who was a representative along with Neil Young for Sunset Harbor Resort and also a company called PRL. Lisa was very kind and very nice. She told me that she was a real estate agent back in her home state. And so we talked, got to know each other better and we ate our lunch and I ate my lunch- my companion and I and then we got down to business. Lisa explained to me that the use of the point system would prove to be more effective and give me more spending power and also I would get some money back in my pocket. I told her that I had thought about turning the timeshare over to my eldest son and since he’s the father of younger children they would be able to use it. I even called him on the phone to verify that he still wanted to use the timeshare, and he said sure. So she quoted a price to me for my turning the timeshare back over to them, my paying them to take the timeshare back and it was under $3,000 which was less than I had been quoted by another company months before, and I thought that was okay, I told them bring the papers.

But when she brought the papers, she actually brought the point system papers and sat down and started explaining that to me. She wrote it out in such a way, she said what I had from Florida was 172,500 points, what I would get from Sunset Harbor would be 24,500 points, together with another 30,000 points, that I would open my points account with 227,000 points. Well that sounded great because best of all she said if I rented my points out that I would be paid $12,750 in May 2013, remember now, this is August of 2012. Well that sounded really good to me. She said that what I could do was using my own credit card, I would pay the amount of $1,221 and then I would borrow from RCI credit card that she gave me, the amount of $7,500 and together that would make up the entire amount of $8,720 to pay for the timeshare Sunset Harbor. But now remembering I’m going to get back in May of 2013 just a few months later, $12,750 cheque, I thought okay that’s going to cover everything, all me or my son would have to worry about is the maintenance fee, which is what I’ve been doing for the years that I’ve had it, because I paid the timeshare off a long, long time ago, so that sounded okay to me. I talked to her and I also talked to Neil Young and I said, “Look, I hope you’re not scamming me because my son was scammed by Wyndham,” and he said, “No it is not a scam, this is genuine.” It sounded real to me, so I decided to go ahead with it.

I wrote up all my information, I pulled out my own Bank of America credit card, let them take the monies off it and took the card for Lisa. Lisa told me to wait for a few weeks and then apply to Chase Slate visa credit card and use of that amount of $8,721 as a balance transfer and in doing that I would have 12 months 0% interest- I’ve done that before with other credit card companies the 0% interest to pay off a big bill and then take my time to pay that money back. And so I thought okay that’s going to work because then I can take that balance transfer, pay off my Bank of America card which was the $1,221, pay off the $750 for the RCI, and by the time May came around I’d have the monies to pay for everything and everything would be free and clear and I’d even have a few dollars left over in my pocket, that made absolute sense to me. Well May came and passed, no cheque, but banks have different way of doing things. So I thought okay I’ll wait a little bit longer. I waited, August came 2013, still no cheque. In the meantime I’ve talked with Lisa on my cell phone, in December, she even wished me Happy Christmas. I asked her about whether I should continue paying my maintenance fees down at the resort and she said, “Oh yes, you keep on paying them but don’t worry about anything else the cheque will get there and when the bill hits the RCI card I was to call Neil.” When I called Lisa in December I think it was of 2012, I got her but when I tried again later on, no Lisa.

By this time December 5th, I got my deed because when I got the deed I was supposed to let Neil know and I was letting Neil know stuff through Lisa. Along with my deed, I got this pink sheet of paper and this paper reads Important Notice and it’s cut in such a way that it actually fitted right into with the deed, that’s the deed, this is the piece of paper. But this paper got my attention before the deed did; this is what it says,

Effective immediately, SHR 11 (that’s Sunset Harbour Resort) Luxury Condominium Accommodation has returned all customer service activities to our on-site customer service department and centralized that function in the Association’s office. Should you need to contact us please do so at 855-664-3201.”


“Approximately two years ago, SHR 11 contracted with R&R ventures a sales and marketing company to provide sales marketing and customer service through a regional office in Las Vegas. R&R ventures in turn contracted with Point Rental Liquidators (PRL) (that’s Lisa and Neil) to perform certain functions. We have recently terminated our business relation with R&R ventures and have no continuing association with either R&R or PRL.”

“In the wake of “empty promises” from PRL, we are pleased to announce that SHR 11 has partnered with a very large and well-known vacation network in an effort to provide you the services and much more that were promised to you and will be a significant enhancement to your SHR 11 timeshare. Watch for a major announcement regarding the Sunset Harbor Vacation network in the coming days.”

By the way this was sent to me in December of 2012, I’m still waiting for that major announcement, I don’t know yet what it is I really don’t. In fact, this is the only information that I’ve gotten from Sunset Harbor to tell me about anything, that’s what they sent me. Anyway, as I said, I panicked, panic set in at this point because remember I’m paying monies out of my pocket to Chase Slate; I’m retired, I’m on social security, what am I going to do? So I decided okay let me call Neil Young because I’m supposed to speak with him, he’s the Regional Director on the card that he gave me. No longer can get in contact with Lisa because when I text Lisa who I used to get at the same number that’s on my phone, I got back a response, “Not Lisa.” I called the number I got a male voice, “Lisa is not at this number.” Okay, well let me call Neil Young, I got a person on the phone by the name of Corbin, this was on August 6, 2013, I actually wrote the time 3:15 PM in the evening. Corbin was very crude and very short; he said to me in effect, “If you need to deal with this, is this about Sunset Harbor Resort?” “Yes it is.” “If you need to deal with them you need to call them directly.” I said, “Wait a minute please wait, I need to talk with Neil because something is not happening according to the way that Neil and Lisa explained it would happen. So I need to talk with Neil and ask him what should I do.” And he was very crude and he said, “No you cannot talk with Neil and have a good day,” and he hung up on me.

I felt well okay, Corbin is one agent maybe I can get another one. So I called the number back immediately, Corbin got back on the phone again and I said, “Please may I speak with Neil?” He said “I just spoke with you and I told you, you need to talk to Sunset Harbor,” and he hung up on me. What am I going to do? I don’t know what to do; just thinking about it right now it makes me shake all over again because I’m left in the lurch. $8,720, that’s going to have to come out of my pocket to pay Chase Slate back because as far as I’m concerned I owe them. Well the time came when I kept on paying my bill, I like having good credit. My mother used to tell me “The borrower is a slave to the lender” I don’t like being anybody’s slave, pardon my pun, no it was intended. I thought okay well when I called Chase Slate, they said, “No we cannot continue the way you’re paying because that was a promo, you would have to try all over again.” Then I Got this idea, I said, wait a minute why bother with Chase Slate because RCI bank MasterCard had been sending me information, every once in a while they would send me a letter with what I call convenience cheques that I could use the cheque and I would not have a bill for 15 months. I said wait a minute let’s go back to RCI after all they are the ones I started with 15 months, that’s a long time and I could keep on paying.

So I went back to them with the amount of money that I now still owe which was still now at this point a little over $7,000. But in the meantime I’m paying monies out of my pocket and I’m continuing to pay and nothing is forthcoming to me. I am owing people, this was not part of the bargain, this is not part of the promise. The last thing I got was this month August 18, 2014 came in the mail for me, a note from Sunset Harbor where it says that, “You’re going to find please, owner enclosed a notices standardization of maintenance fees along with a Sunset Harbour Newsletters. Some owner’s fees have been too low and will increase. Some owners have been paying higher fees that will go down.” And what it boils down to, they tell me the amount that I owe is a $352.50. No more, no more do you understand, no more, I’m sick and tired. I am sick and tired. I am 66 years old this month, I am sick and tired. There is no word “stupid” across this brow. I am tired. Sunset Harbor, RCI credit card, Lisa Landry, Neil Young and all the others.

Oh, by the way I forgot this most important point. I attempted in my desperation to contact Sunset Harbour, I got a young man, the only pleasant person I got on the phone as a matter of fact by the name of Chris and I explained my situation to him. This is going back in 2013. I explained my situation to him after I gotten the deed and I told him what the situation was. He said, “You know it sounds like those two people may have scammed you and you need to follow through with that.” I said so, “What do you mean?” He said “Maybe you need to go to civil court.” He said, “But wait a minute, let me let you talk to talk to somebody else.” A woman got on the phone who referred to herself as Audrey, no last name and I’m trying to explain to Audrey the situation that has occurred with Sunset Harbour because that’s the number I called Sunset Harbor. And as I’m talking, Audrey is talking the same time I’m talking. So she’s apparently to me trying to drown out my words so she can’t hear me. Her response back to me is, “Look you don’t owe any money for your timeshare, it’s all fully paid up so that’s not our problem.” I said, “Wait a minute, it is a problem. The people that represented you to me said that I would get $12,750 in May of 2013. I have no cheques so I’m paying this out of my pocket. I have to pay the credit card back.” “That’s not our problem,” she says, “It’s not our problem.” “Did you sign your name that seven times, your signature seven times?” And I’m thinking, “Sign signature seven times, where would that be?” It took me after the phone call to remember what she was talking about. The thing about it is when I signed everything I signed in good faith, with Lisa and Neil telling me I would get $12,750 by May of 2013, there is no money. Audrey drowned me out.

Since then, somebody by the name of Stephen Rangel who says that he is calling about the timeshare and this was the first collection for maintenance. In order to activate your RCI points account we are required to collect your first annual maintenance fee of $168. My understanding is this thing was activated last year, why are they just activating it, or talking about activating it now. So I told this to the person I was speaking to and he’s like, “No, no, no I’m willing to help you to activate it.” “No, please this is not what was told to me, I don’t know what you’re talking about. I am not about to pay anything because my points were already activated.” “Well you need to know that you owe $168. And in that period of time since that first request for maintenance fees was sent to me, I got an email from Stephen Rangel telling me that if I didn’t pay my maintenance fee that they were going to completely close the account with the timeshare at SHR 11, that I would have no timeshare. I’m thinking fine, take it I don’t care, I didn’t expect to use it anyway. I really didn’t expect to use anymore timeshare anymore because what I had I was planning on giving to my son. But since then I have gotten and it’s on my phone, my home phone. Fortunately, I was smart enough I didn’t give anybody my cell phone otherwise I would have to change that number. But I have no less than 22 phone calls and it seemed that a period of time I was getting one call a day from Mr. Stephen Rangel. “This is Stephen Rangel for Ivy Padker, I’m calling to talk with you and try to help you fix your maintenance…” and I would not answer, I let the phone pick it up and do the voice, let it stay there.

I have not erased it, I have not erased the information on my cell phone from Lisa, I have the card from Neil, I have the RCI bank credit card, I have the Slate credit card and I have as much documentation as I possibly can have. This all made me go back in my mind to something that happened on my computer, again I’m not good with computer I’m really new, but this came to me from VSI-Vacation Services International. This is supposed to have been part of a membership situation vacation services and it was sent to me in November 19 of 2012, telling me in effect that, “It is our understanding that PRL has dissolved as a company. Members never received the monies that were promised, understanding that Sunset Harbor may have failed to provide information for accounts for many of you and they are now trying to replace…” I can’t read it I’m sorry, but the information is there on my computer I never ever got rid of it, it’s there so that I can actually get a copy of that.


You know what this is a warning call to all of you, I’m sick and tired and I don’t owe any money to anybody. I have been duped by Mrs. Landry and Mr. Young and because RCI, the bank card was handed to me by Lisa I feel that I’ve been duped by RCI as well. I am not paying any more monies to anybody. I have paid over $2,000 out of my pocket and the reason why I paid it is because I want to keep my credit rating high. When I got this I had a credit rating of and the reason why pennies because I want to keep my credit rating720, I want to keep that. But Stephen Rangel and others are threatening me that they are going to mess up my credit rating. I am not appreciative of that and I am sick and tired. So I am going to start proceedings to find out and figure out how I can get these people off my back. Stop! Leave me alone! You’re stealing from me, you are scam artists, you are making me miserable, you’re making me sick and you are threatening my safety and my good name and I am tired. I may not be able to fight you physically with my fists but I will fight you if I have to in the court. I am going to go to the Attorney General. I’m going to go to the three major credit card companies because they are the ones who’ve told me that my credit card rating was 720, you change it, you’re messing with the wrong person. Stop! Cease and desist! Stop calling me, stop bothering me and I’m not paying you any more money for anything that I don’t owe, because Lisa Landry and Neil Young (PRL) lied to me. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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