How to Cancel Timeshare Contract

Why You Need Help To Cancel a Timeshare Contract

Cancel a Timeshare Contract

There are many reasons why you may be looking to cancel your timeshare contract. We hope that the reason why you are looking to give back timeshare is because you have successfully used it for years and you are ready for a change in your vacation habits. However, we have found that many of our clients are looking to get rid of their timeshare because they feel they are a victim of the “Timeshare scam”. Some say that they were told outright lies, misled into believing their timeshare had resale value or could be rented out for a profit. Trying to sell their timeshare is nearly impossible because they hold little value. Many timeshare owners looking to cancel their timeshare contract complaint about heavy handed sales tactics, like the elderly woman in the below video. Because of the multitude of complaints, we have gotten an influx of people asking us to how to cancel a timeshare contract.

Why You May Want To Cancel a Timeshare Contract

Timeshare owners will find it almost impossible to cancel a timeshare, without the professional and experienced help of Redemption and Release’s proven Timeshare redemption package. 

cancel wyndham timeshare contractIt is very hard to prove fraud and misrepresentation on your own when you have successfully used the program to take vacation, no matter how hard or complex that vacation experience may have been.  We have seen moderate success in these timeshare mortgage release companies and their efforts to dissolve timeshare contracts. Many times the clients will NOT get any money back, however, they may be able to successfully stop any future payments to a timeshare and prevent any damage to their credit report. Our timeshare redemption service specializes in assisting clients who have a timeshare, get the freedom they so desperately desire. Getting rid of your timeshare can now finally be accomplished by simply contacting us and discovering how to cancel a timeshare.

How Can I Sell My Timeshare?

We can not show you how to sell a timeshare but we can show you how to redeem it. If you are interested in understanding more about the Redemption process and how to cancel a timeshare or timeshare call 888-743-9051.


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How To Cancel a Timeshare Contract

Transcript From Above Video:

I’m making this video to share with the world the atrocities that I’ve gone through in working with the Vacation Resorts over the last several years, well actually since 1992.  My husband and I went to a timeshare presentation at Fairfield Plus.  And it sounded very interesting and wonderful and a good breakfast buffet and very friendly people and very nice people.  We were presented with an option to buy a week at a very reduced price with a really good deal just for that day.  And my husband and I thought well it sounds nice to have a timeshare to bring our children to for vacation.  It would be a legacy and possibly an investment.  So we purchased that timeshare.

My husband died in 1998.  I’ve raised four children on my own.  In September of 2003 my daughter and I went to a presentation in Williamsburg.  And we were told by Mary, the salesperson there, that with Kings Gate and Governor’s Green it was going to be really, really easy to rent out weeks in Williamsburg and to get the weeks to pay for themselves.  So it really was an investment, a future investment for the family; and it would allow us to have at any time that my children as they grew up to come down and to use the weeks on their own or to have a family reunion.  So we purchased that week thinking it was going to be a really, really good thing.

I went back in 2005 and was told that by increasing my points and becoming a gold member of the Resorts that I would have more benefits, that it would be so much better for me to be able to use these points and be able to maneuver the points and get more weeks rented out.  Have the rents cover the mortgage and in essence, this is what I was promised with each and every week that I purchased.

And as time went on in ’08, in 2008, my daughter and I went to a presentation in Nashville.  We wanted to try to put the deeds that we owned together into one deed and we were presented with an option about come in and talk to us and we’ll see what we can do.  Did you get the letter?  Did you get the letter explaining from the resorts that they’re trying to help the VIP owners and they wanted to make an offer to you to be able to maneuver your points into a better position.  No we didn’t get the letter.  I seriously doubt that any such letter was actually sent out; but that was the sales technique that was used.  We were told that by buying more points and putting everything together into one deed it would be better for the family.  So we did that.  And we put the deed—we tried to put the deed into a revocable living trust.  I have yet to receive a deed from the resort titled revocable living trust even though I provided the trust to the resort back in 2008.

In 2010 I was approached at another sales representative—program.  The prize was 1,000—$100 gift card through American Express.  And we thought okay well that will help us with expenses on the vacation.  We’ll go to the sales presentation and we’ll walk away.  Well as it turned out Kinja Dixon who was my sales person explained to us that by shifting everything to Capital Cove at National Harbor in Washington, DC, that it would be a wonderful investment.  And when Obama’s inauguration had taken place, they were able to rent out weeks for $20,000 for the week.  Well that sounded very inviting.  I thought to myself maybe it was too good to be true but even if we were able to rent out a week at $5,000 it would help to cover the mortgage to pay off the mortgage against these timeshares.

When I went to a presentation in San Francisco in 2011 I was told by Vilan Kazaryan that National Harbor was going to be building an amusement park and my maintenance fees would go through the roof.  So I needed to transfer my deed to San Francisco, to the Canterbury in San Francisco.  That would allow me to hold back on the cost of the maintenance fees.  Anyone who buya a timeshare knows the maintenance fees can kill you.  So I decided to go ahead and buy the points I needed to be able to transfer to San Francisco.  When I looked at the contract and, of course, when you sign these things you’re given—you’re rushed through signing the contract.  You don’t get to read each and every page.  And I realized when I got back home that I didn’t get everything transferred to the Canterbury.  What really happened in that contract was I purchased 125,000 access points.  So I kept calling the resort saying this was not what I was told I was signing.  I could not get Vilan Kazaryan to answer any of my e-mails or phone calls.  I spoke with his boss Steve out there and I spoke with several other people in San Francisco.  And I said this was not what I was promised.  This was supposed to be a transfer for a deed.   I was told by Vilan that he would be my personal representative to the resort and that he would be available to me to advise me and to give me the information that I needed.  I started e-mailing him within a week of coming home.  He never returned any of my e-mails.  He never returned any of my phone calls.  So this was a sales technique that several of the salespersons used, that they would be my guiding hand; and I needed that.  I’m working two full-time jobs.  I don’t have the time to study everything that’s happening from the resort.  What’s the best time to rent and reserve and get things rented out.  I’ve tried to get them rented out and it’s been virtually impossible.

I’ve been contacted by other internet sales people who want to—companies who want me to pay them to get my units rented out or sold and there’s piranhas out there trying to come after you if you’re a timeshare owner.  So I’m making this video to explain what a nightmare this is, what a nightmare it’s been for me and what a tremendous burden it’s been on me.  So I went to several other presentations and I complained to many salespeople and to people at National Harbor and other places about how I was treated and that I was lied to.

I went to a presentation in Williamsburg in 2012 and Robert Turner, my salesperson, said well if you buy 105,000 points we will take the 125,000 you bought in excess.  We’ll shift them over here to Williamsburg and we will make an amendment to your contract that says as soon as points open up at National Harbor we’ll transfer all these points to National Harbor so that you can have one deed at National Harbor.  When I signed the contract and brought it home there was no amendment in the contract to that point.  I kept trying to get in touch with Robert Turner and have been trying to get in touch with Robert Turner since August of 2012.  I’ve talked with the title company, the people in the title office, and they have no record of the revocable living trust and no way that this deed was put into the trust.

In the sales presentations that I have received from Mary, from Sarah, from Kinja, from Vilan and from Robert, from these people, they have impressed upon me that they would help me in getting these timeshares rented out.  They would explain to me how to do it.  They would give me the information of the weeks that were most important to reserve so that I could get them rented out.

I have been working two full-time jobs for the last five years in order to cover this mortgage.  It is taking a toll on me.  I can no longer physically do this.  I’ve tried to talk to the resort several times to fix these mistakes.  I have called them often.  I have not gotten the mistakes fixed.  I have been told by every salesperson I have gone to that I have to buy more points and that buying more points is the only way to fix the problems.  Well that is a really bad way to do business.  When somebody makes a mistake on a contract you shouldn’t have to buy more points to get it repaired.  And this is what the resort has allowed their salespeople to do.  They’ve encouraged their salespeople to do this and it is a lie.  It is wrong.  So I am trying to get the resort to be honorable and to end my contract.  So I have tried to talk to the resort and I have not been successful.

I am making this tape letting you know what problems I’ve run into over the years and basically just saying to you don’t make the same mistake.

Redeem My Timeshare Contract — HERE

Cancel Wyndham Timeshare

Below is another Transcript from a video that was removed from YOUTUBE


We purchased a timeshare April 9th, 2012 at Resort in Las Vegas. We were misled during the presentation with unfair and deceptive sales practices to get us to sign. Our decision to purchase a timeshare was made based on false promises and misrepresentations from unscrupulous sales representatives. We found out about the resort’s presentation when we were walking through our hotel. They offered us a free show and free food and we found it very enticing. We had to pay  $40 deposit that was a lure to get us to make sure we went to the presentation.

So the next morning, we got into a limo and we were driven to the Resort for a 90 minute presentation at 9 o’clock with our first salesperson. Then we sat down with Michelle, another salesperson. When all was said and done, we were there until 4 o’clock, a total of seven hours. Needless to say, we were tired and made a decision that we greatly regret and are losing sleep because of it. We were on vacation, our guard was down. We were relaxed and enjoying ourselves and were in a vulnerable mood.

We made a bad decision and realized it when we were traveling home from Las Vegas. We realized how manipulated we were and did not have a good feeling about this purchase. We called Michelle right from the airport, our arms were full of suitcases and stuff and told her we wanted to cancel and she manipulated the conversation once again to make us feel better and we didn’t cancel. She didn’t verbally acknowledge our cancellation request but instead told us that we should go home and reserve our vacation in Rhode Island and that she would personally assist us in making our reservation there.

We strongly believe that Michelle broke the resort’s internal cancellation policy in regards to a rescission request made by us. We were unaware of Nevada’s five day rescission day period as it was purposely not verbally brought up during our closing, totally deceitful. We were misled and lied to in so many ways.


    1. Number one, Michelle told us our points would get us an average of seven to ten days each year at a beautiful ocean resort. My wife told her that she is a schoolteacher and our vacation would be during the peak times. We told her we wanted a vacation in Rhode Island, New York and how wonderful this would be to have oceanfront. Michelle told us that the resort had several resorts in Newport and we could book a vacation this summer in one of them. When we looked at the literature in the resort’s book while flying home on the airplane, we discovered that many of the Newport resorts had limited availability. Of course, once we got home and found it impossible to obtain dates needed to vacation in Newport and we hardly have enough points, total lie.
    2. Number two, we were led to believe that our timeshare purchase was an investment and wouldn’t have a problem selling it at a later date to get our money back from the Resorts and to even make a profit. Another lie.
    3. Number three, to get us to agree to the timeshare, Michelle added 195,000 points. These points were to be used in two years. Later in the closing, Michelle added two free weeks with no explanation or details on how they were to be used. After objections about the uncertainty of my job and other objections, Michelle said, I don’t normally do this but for you two, I will add two more free weeks. She then said, these four weeks can be used anytime, anywhere and for any size room. It was another lie, we have not received any certificates for their use. Michelle said they ran out of them at the office. The four free weeks do expire, however, they come with restrictions and they require fees to use and they are only for RCI properties, not their Resorts. We spoke to a Resort reservation person from our home and were told that the Resorts reservation system had preferences for their resorts over the same name resorts shown in RCI, very misleading.
    4.  Number four, when my wife made the comment that we would like to think about the offer of four free weeks, Michelle said that if we came back the   next day, the offer would not be on the table. She created a false sense of urgency which is a deceitful sales practice.
    5. Number five, Megan, the document closing person, failed to highlight and explain the five day rescision period available to us if we chose to change our minds to purchase and cancel the contract. If we had known about the five day rescision period, we would have canceled while we were in Las Vegas and we would not be having this discussion.
    6. Number six, Megan stated that if we used the perks discount provided, we would have enough to save and offset our 600 plus dollars maintenance fee each year. We looked at the local perks discounts provided in our area and they were very insignificant discounts, another lie.
    7. Number seven, the Bill Me Later account was not explained to us by Megan at the closing, nor was there a brochure or any literature explaining the Bill Me Later contract in our package. This is illegal and makes our contract null and void, we believe.=
    8. Number eight, shortly after coming home, we received a letter from the PayPal service called Bill Me Later. In the letter, we discovered that an account had been set up in my name on April 20th of this year for the down payment of over $4,800. This account was set up without our knowledge.
    9. Number nine, we were told that we could eliminate maintenance fees with owner referrals, we believe that’s another lie.
    10. We were told, number eleven, we were told to wait for a membership package with our identification or membership number before using our timeshare, thus delaying our possible cancelation.
    11. Number eleven, we were subjected to high-pressure sales tactics and felt we could not even leave the presentation without purchasing a timeshare.
    12. Number twelve, housekeeping fees, reservation fees, guest fees, fees to use points prior to availability date of October 1st were not mentioned. They were purposely omitted.
    13. Number thirteen, monthly maintenance fees were not mentioned until the very end. Very sneaky.


After we got home, we made two phone calls to the resort’s customer care expressing that we wanted to cancel the contract but once again, we were told no and a person named Kate told us the only way out was through a foreclosure. That’s not acceptable with us. As consumers, we have rights granted to us by the FTC, the Federal Trade Commission, to honest and fair business dealings. We strongly feel that the Resort’s Vacation Ownership has violated good business practices granted to U.S. consumers by the FTC, the freebies, the misrepresentation and the outright lies.

As stated on your website, your company’s core values, you say that you act with integrity in all we do. Without integrity, the foundations of business and life crumble. We were not treated with any form of integrity, we were told lies, one after the other. We were drawn into this contact through pressure, deceit, misleading statements, fraud and lies by the resort’s representatives.

We have not used this timeshare. We want our deeded property released from the resort and the cancellation of our contract. We expect to hear from you in 30 days.

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