How To Get Legally Rid Of A Timeshare Property

legally get out of your timeshare

Are you looking for a way to legally get rid of your timeshare property? If so, it is important that you understand that there are a lot of scam companies that will take advantage of timeshare owners trying to legally get out. Scam companies come in many different forms and are good at disguising themselves as legitimate companies. This short guide will help you differentiate a timeshare scam company from a company that can legally get rid of your timeshare property.

Companies to Avoid:

Timeshare donation companies. 

Timeshare donation companies claim that they can legally get you out of your timeshare ownership by allowing the consumer to donate the timeshare, then later claim it on their taxes. This method of getting out your timeshare was thought to be effective until officials realized that timeshares are not worth nearly as much as people were claiming they were on their taxes. Companies like Donate For a Cause ran this type of abusive tax scheme until the department of justice sued and shut them down in late 2015. Not only is Donate For  A Cause under investigation but so are all of the former clients that did business with them.

Timeshare Listing Websites

Timeshare listing companies operate legally but are not an effective way to legally get rid your timeshare property. Timeshare listing companies charge monthly fees to list your timeshare on their websites in hopes of finding a new owner for the timeshare. Most of the timeshares listed on these sites will never be sold because the demand for timeshares on the secondary market are so low. The listing companies will continue to list your timeshare as long as you continue to pay. Listings will often stay up on these sites for months or even years with no results.

Buyer In The Wing Schemes 

The buyer in the wing scheme is a very common scam that continues to happen across the country. A Buyer in the wing company will reach out to timeshare owners claiming to have a buyer ready to purchase their property, but the timeshare owner must first pay the company before the timeshare is sold. As soon as the buyer in the wing company is paid they disappear with the timeshare owner’s money, never to be seen again.

The only way to legally and permanently get rid of your timeshare property is to work with a company like Redemption and Release. Here at Redemption and Release we take all of the proper steps to legally get you out of your timeshare within a very specific timeframe. All of our services are also backed with two 100% money back guarantees. To learn more about our timeshare redemption program contact us today and receive a FREE consultation!

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