Learn How to Give Away a Timeshare – Facts and Costs

How to give away a timeshare

Giving away a timeshare to a friend or family member, for FREE.

how to give away a timeshare

In this article Redemption and Release, LLC will give you FREE advice on  how to give away a timeshare. While tremendously less complicated than how to rent or sell a timeshare, learning how to give away a timeshare is something that you can do on your own – even without our help.

As many have discovered, simply offering your timeshare free is not enough to give away a timeshare – you have to take extra measures and exhaustive steps – to give away something you paid thousands of dollars for. However, if you do find that you are not able to give away your timeshare we hope you consider our GUARANTEED Timeshare Redemption process. 

Finding success in giving away a timeshare is dependent on one major factor, having someone that wants to take over your timeshare. So how do you actually find someone willing to take over a burden that no one seemingly wants? The answer to this complicated question can be found in observing a chickenpox party. For those of you who did not grow up in the southern US, a chickenpox party is where parents knowingly bring healthy kids to a home of a child carrying the virus. This is done because of the supposed health benefits of a controlled exposure to the virus. Well, in this example that timeshare you paid THOUSANDS of dollars for and that no one wants is the “virus”. You are on your own to find someone that wants your timeshare virus, and we highly recommend only transferring to someone you know and trust. **DO NOT BELIEVE ANY 3rd PARTY TELEMARKETERS WHO SAY THEY HAVE SOMEONE LINED UP THAT WANTS YOUR TIMESHARE** Remember, the focus of this article is to teach you on  how to give away a timeshare to someone you already know and who is willing to accept the timeshare for free.

how to give away a timeshare

For the sake of this “how to give away a timeshare” article we are assuming you already have a recipient lined up and are simply looking for guidance on the process and fees associated with how to give away a timeshare. Since you already have someone lined up who is willing to accept your timeshare, the question becomes – who pays for the costs associated with giving it away? Yes, that’s right – there may be significant costs to give away your timeshare.  And you thought that is was going to be simple once you learned how to give away a timeshare.  Unfortunately there are always costs associated with the give away a timeshare process, even to a family or friend.

How To Give Away A Timeshare:

  1. Find Recipient
  2. Determine who will pay fees associated with transfer
  3. Contact Licensed, Bonded & Insured Title Company
  4. Pay Resort Mandated Transfer fee
  5. Pay any document stamps or county taxes for recordation

Many resorts charge $300-$1,000+ just to update names in their database! Take for example a timeshare owner who wants to give away their timeshare to a neighbor. For this timeshare owner to give away their timeshare to an individual (not a corporation) you will likely pay a transfer to the resort to go in their database and update the owners records,  we recommend you pay an outside titling company to assist with the legal title work required to create a bonafide transfer ($300-$500 expected costs), and any “doc stamps” that may be required by the city and state for the filing of the paperwork at the courthouse. That’s right! After you learn how to give away a timeshare – you will find it could easily costs you well over $800+.

“Experts agree that simply learning how to give away  a timeshare is not enough, you have to be prepared to cover all the costs associated with a transfer upfront”

Even the most savvy people are disappointed when learning how to give away a timeshare, especially when they find out is can costs hundreds, if not thousands of dollars just to give it away! If by miracles sake you do have someone willing to incur these costs, we suggest starting first with a license, bonded and insured title company who works with your resort frequently. The best way to discover this is to contact the resort directly and ask who they recommend. They may be able to do the transfer themselves internally.

how to give away my timeshareBecause of the costs associated with trying to give away a timeshare its become particularly prohibitive from most people to turn over their ownership. It costs so much money for the new owner that most people wont even take them for free. Can you imagine giving these timeshares away with your children’s inheritance, it would be a disaster! This is the reason why the Redemption and Release, LLC timeshare redemption process has become so popular.


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