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Interval Relief Reviews Looking to get rid of your timeshare? Want relief from your interval ownership? You can do this without falling victim to interval relief scams. Today’s timeshare industry is fraught with resale and relief companies promising a wide variety of services, most with a large fee and virtually zero guarantees in writing. To help you detect if you are a victim of a potential scam, we have put together some interval relief reviews you should be aware of. 

Interval Relief Reviews 

Interval relief reviewsUnsolicited Phone call? Be wary of ‘cold calls.’


Interval relief reviews Money upfront? Be cautious of funds paid in advance.


Interval relief reviews

 Not An Accredited Business? Check Number of Complaints.


Interval Relief Reviews

IntervalRelief reviews

Getting timeshare interval relief is easier than you think! With Redemption & Release’s ‘Timeshare Redemption’ program, one can accomplish this simple task effortlessly and without a huge financial expenditure. Many consumers are led to believe that the fee to get rid of your timeshare should be based on your current maintenance fees – not so. It simply does not cost more for our company to assist you in achieving timeshare freedom if you have a $200 annual maintenance fee or even a $2,000 maintenance fee. We offer a flat fee, low cost, timeshare exit program that has helped over TEN THOUSAND timeshare owners throughout the globe achieve timeshare freedom. We take extreme pride in what we do and look forward to assisting you today!

Redemption & Release Reviews

IRwebWe NEVER Cold Call. Our clients locate us because of our guarantees.



Our service has TWO 100% Money Back Guarantees – in writing!


Interval Relief ComplaintsThe nations top bureau accreditations, ZERO complaints ever!


IntervalRelief reviews

Interval Relief ReviewsTimeshare freedom, timeshare transfer, interval relief and timeshare redemption are all interchangeable phrases to explain the process we use to help you achieve the timeshare release you are looking for.

When you are looking for the best methodology, you have to keep a few things in mind: Does the property have a mortgage still existing on it? If so, this complicates the transfer process a bit.

We are one of the very few interval relief companies that can assist you in removing yourself from a timeshare with a mortgage still pending. The property reviews and interval relief reviews of the process vary depending on if your property is located in the United States or abroad.  

The typical intervalrelief reviews of the process are positive, although you have to be mentally prepared to use your consumer rights to dispute the contract if you still have a mortgage on your ownership. If your property is paid in full, it is simply a relief process of your interval. Quick, inexpensive and simple. Timeshare freedom is available right away and we can help you no matter what your situation is. 

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