My Consumer Advocate Reviews

my consumer advocate reviews

“My consumer advocate reviews everything with me. I’m never left in the dark about what’s going on with my Timeshare Redemption process.”

This is the #1 answer our clients give when asked about their experience working with their consumer advocate at Redemption and Release.

One of the worst feelings timeshare owners experience is waiting and wondering for weeks or even months without a word about the progress of their case after paying a company that promises to either sell their timeshare or otherwise get them out of their timeshare contracts.My Consumer Advocate Review

Nearly every day, we hear stories of timeshare owners who had put their trust in some other company, made a large payment to get out of their timeshare contract and then never heard from the company again! They waited too long to hear any news about the status of the sale or “donation” of their timeshare and subsequently lost all the money they paid with literally no recourse to be taken.

These unfortunate timeshare owners were now out even more money… and were still stuck with their timeshares! Nothing short of a full FBI investigation could track down the so-called “company” that took their money, and there was no way to get their money back. This is why Redemption and Release offers not one but TWO $100 MONEY-BACK GUARANTEES!

As well, we are always accessible and happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. As soon as you start working with Redemption and Release, you are assigned a personal consumer advocate. Your consumer advocate reviews your individual timeshare contract and personal situation, advises the best approach to canceling your timeshare contract and informs you on what to expect next. You will be contacted on a regular basis as each part of the process unfolds.

“How long should I wait before I call and ask when my consumer advocate reviews my timeshare cancellation progress with me?”

When you choose to start working with Redemption and Release, you will never have to ask that question. Your timeshare redemption consumer advocate reviews the status of your timeshare cancellation process frequently and keeps you informed during every step of the process.

We believe that excellent communication is the crux of all relationships, especially a relationship where trust is a vital factor to overall customer satisfaction.

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If you’ve searched for a company that will help you cancel your timeshare contract, you’ve likely already been taken advantage of by unscrupulous timeshare salesmen who will say anything to make a sale.

Perhaps you’ve even been victimized by one or more of the many timeshare resale or timeshare donation scams that are out there taking advantage of desperate timeshare owners.

After feeling lied to and betrayed, trust is difficult to muster for another company that promises to help cancel your timeshare contract.

My consumer advocate reviews helped me know I chose the right company and there was a light at the end of the tunnel.”

The staff at Redemption and Release appreciate and empathize with our clients’ feelings. That is why we make every effort to allay your fears and worries by supplying you with the facts, details and documentation you need to rest assured that we are fulfilling our promise to put an end to your timeshare troubles and get you out of your contract.

If you’re tired of being taken advantage of by timeshare resale scams, resorts that keep raising your timeshare fees and timeshare donation schemes that will lead you into trouble with the IRS, contact Redemption and Release now toll free at (888)743-9051.

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