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At Redemption & Release, LLC we try hard to not only exceed our clients expectations, but maintain and continue a personalized relationship that lasts for years. Every month roughly 15% of our business is from owner referrals! This means that a timeshare owner just like you enrolled for our services, successfully received the prompt timeshare exit they were looking for and then excitedly referred a friend or family member! We thank you in advance for this wonderful free advertising and look forward to offering our services to your friends and family too!

Wyndham Resort

BBB Redemption and Release LLC

“My husband passed away and I moved from Florida back home to Ohio. I used to live 45 minutes from Disney and used the timeshare all the time. I was now paying maintenance fees and never got to use the timeshare. I had to stop paying for it and not using it. By making this go away, you helped me a lot financially.”

–Elsa J, from Clearwater, FL
Wyndham Resort in Orlando, FL

“Your services were professional your staff returned calls quickly and as promised. the paperwork was easy to complete and the fees charged were extremely reasonable. Because this was my second go around transferring timeshares I was hesitant however your staff explained the process, ensured I could be released from my timeshares. funds within a period of months. and yes.. the ownership transfer occurred exactly at the time estimated. I can not thank you enough and will be more than happy to refer other clients to you.”

— Janet B., from Tempe, Arizona
Wyndham Resorts Las Vegas
Wyndham Resorts Sedona

BBB Redemption and Release LLC

BBB Redemption and Release LLC

“Once I was diagnosed with breast cancer I couldn’t afford anymore with not working and bills stacking up. The stress of dealing with questionable resale companies became too much. I am not happy I had to pay to get rid of it, but at least with you it was virtually effortless and you did what you said. I am just happy this is behind me and I will never purchase another timeshare ever again. Thank you. “

–Christine S, from Albuquerque, New Mexico
Wyndham Resort

“Your price was competitive. Eric was persistent in contacting me and I glad he was. I am not the easiest person to deal with on the phone. He was always polite and allowed me to hit him with the hard questions. And hit I did. I, as many others have not found an honest person in the timeshare industry. You helped me when I expected the opposite. Thank you again and sorry for being rude but you passed!!”

–Mark E., from Lexington, Kentucky
Wyndham Resorts

BBB Redemption and Release LLC

Diamond Resorts (Click To Read)

BBB Redemption and Release LLC

“Everything went very smoothly and you did what you said you were going to do. Very Pleased.”

–K. Wohlforth, Florida
Diamond Resorts

“Redemption and Release was a legitimate company who worked well to facilitate the deed transfer with an otherwise difficult timeshare company. I am glad I made the right choice and trusted them with this daunting task. The outcome is that we are free from our timeshare obligations, and I am very happy with the job done by Redemption & Release.“

–C. Finn, Fairfield, California,
Diamond Resorts

BBB Redemption and Release LLC

BBB Redemption and Release LLC

“Our original purchase was ILX which went bankrupt. We’re grandfathered with Diamond Resorts for a floating 1-week, 1-bedroom excluding holidays but DRI is difficult to deal with and charges exorbitant maintenance fees. It just wasn’t fun anymore to plan vacations and get what we wanted. “

–Jack K, from Orlando, FL
Diamond Resorts(RTG)

“Thank you for taking care of our timeshare. It will feel good not to be responsible for it anymore. Thanks again.”

Cyrus and Doris B., from Shawville, Quebec Canada
Diamond Resorts – Polo Towers

BBB Redemption and Release LLC

Bluegreen Resorts (Click To Read)

BBB Redemption and Release LLC

It is rare that I am completely satisfied with anything but I have to say that my husband and I have been tremendously satisfied with your services. From the first phone contact I had with one of your reps til the final email, everything was professional, timely and most of all successful. We are delighted to have the timeshare transfer completed and would unequivocally recommend your services to others who are anxious to get rid of a burdensome timeshare. I promised someone at your company a homemade pecan pie if this was completed as promised. However, I forgot the name of the person I made the promise to. Guess I will just have to send one and ya’ll figure out who the pie belongs to. Thank you again for your effort on our behalf.

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas to all of your staff!

— Vickie Mitchell
Bluegreen Resorts

“I am very glad to have closure with Bluegreen Resorts. The process to transfer was a little longer than I anticipated but I was told it would take time. The good part is that you stood by what you said and made the process very easy and not as time consuming as I was expecting. I never like to spend money but in the short of things, I was very glad to pay for your services and will recommend your company. I am very pleased with your services.”

–Edward E Taylor,
Bluegreen Resorts

BBB Redemption and Release LLC

BBB Redemption and Release LLC

“The service provided was very professional and thorough. All contact, timelines and personnel were explained and given. The pricing was very fair compared to how much over years that maintenance fees cost and continue to rise. A very stress free experience.”

–Deborah Giberson
Bluegreen Resorts

“I am very pleased with your friendly service. I called many times to check on the progress, and was always comforted with your friendly response.”

Cyrus and Doris B., from Shawville, Quebec Canada
Bluegreen Mountain Loft Resort II

BBB Redemption and Release LLC

Manhattan Club (Click To Read)

BBB Redemption and Release LLC

“We were not using the timeshare and the maintenance fees were too high. It’s also virtually impossible to use the resort because theres never anything available for owners. I’m just glad its behind us. Its a mistake we learned from and we are finally free of this weight on our ankles. “

–Elizabeth R, from Hartford Connecticut
The Manhattan Club

“In our 80’s now, more difficult to travel and no one wanted it.”

–Elliot E from Pikeville, North Carolina
Manhattan club

BBB Redemption and Release LLC

Silver Leaf Resorts (Click To Read)

BBB Redemption and Release LLC

“I am so thankful to be able to sell my timeshare, and I believe your services and price was fair. I also think your company got a good deal. Took longer than I expected, but liked working with your staff….”

–Betty Burrow
Silverleaf Club

Other Timeshare Resorts (Click To Read)

BBB Redemption and Release LLC

“The service was exceptional. We are so pleased with Redemption & Release that we refer everyone! Thank you so much for all your help!”

–S. James, Tennessee,
Embassy Suites Ka’anapoli

“I’m very satisfied with what you have done for me. Great.”

–J. Clark, Florida,
Grandview at Las Vegas

BBB Redemption and Release LLC

BBB Redemption and Release LLC

“The services of Redemption & Release are great services for someone that needs help getting out of a timeshare. The pricing is not bad for the service that you receive. My over all experience with R&R was an awesome experience. My contact was always cheerful and always was happy to help. Once I signed up with R&R it immediately took some of the stress of being a timeshare owner away. I will now have a better Christmas without timeshare fees. Thank you R&R!”

–L. Martinez, California,
Jockey Club Las Vegas

“They did what they told me over the phone. Also they are good people to deal with. they would answer the phone when you called or if you left a message they would return your call. This transaction was done in a reasonable amount of time to get us out of our timeshare. I would recommend to any one. I was well pleased with their service. Their price was well below other company’s. If you need to get out of your time share give them a call. I searched the internet and i felt these people were the best to deal with…“

–R. Wyatt, Tennessee,
Treetop Resorts, Gatlinburg TN

BBB Redemption and Release LLC

BBB Redemption and Release LLC

“After lengthy conversations with you, I became convinced that I could trust you to do what you said you would do! You were up front about the pricing and you also were the most reasonably priced of the four companies I looked at. You guaranteed a reasonable time frame in which these transactions would be completed!”

— D. Carter-Wood,
Ball Ground, Georgia

Presidential Villas at Plantation Resort & Vacation Village at Parkway

“Getting older, near retirement, didn’t want to keep paying the increased cost, find it extremely difficult to exchange for what we want. It wasn’t that hard in beginning. Now we hope to travel different ways, like maybe a cruise. Thank you again!”

–Mary J, from Bridgeport, Connecticut
RCI Cottages At Shipyard, Hilton Head, SC

BBB Redemption and Release LLC

BBB Redemption and Release LLC

“The price was affordable and the transfer was easy.”

–Gary L. S., from Troy, Ohio
Resort: Stony Court at Bryce Mountain

“Can’t Travel Due to Health. Glad to be rid of it.”

–William M, from Laurel, Mississippi
Sheraton Vistana

BBB Redemption and Release LLC

BBB Redemption and Release LLC

“I am very satisfied with you all. You have answered all my questions when I contacted you and returned my call soon. Thanks again.”

–Kenneth J, from Albuquerque New Mexico
Grandview Las Vegas

“They provided no value to the consumer with their convoluted reservation practices. I had the mortgage paid off out of fear and decided not to pay their membership fees for the reason that they make it highly difficult to get out of the membership. You can deal with them now and I’m happy I’ll never have to talk to them again!”

—-G. from San Jose, California
Shell Vacation

BBB Redemption and Release LLC

Redemption & Release BBB

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