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Did you get a letter from your Resort? Are you sure?

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Has a Property Management company recently attempted to communicate with you regarding the elimination of your future maintenance fees?

Timeshare owners from across the country have been receiving unsolicited post cards and letters in the mail from Property Management Communication companies posing as timeshare resorts that are authorized to deal with your timeshare. Many of our clients have reported receiving letters structured similarly to the one below.

Example Solicitation Letter.

Dear Jane Doe                                     888-xxx-xxxx


We would like to inform you that you are qualified to permanently eliminate all of your future timeshare maintenance fees.

This may also include your next maintenance fees. Restrictions may apply.

We have attempted to contact you several times. This may be our last effort. This is your reference number #1234567



Please call 888-xxx-xxxx


A Property Management Communications Company

Should You Reply Or Not?

If the letter you received appears similar this one than you are most likely dealing with what is called a “postcard ” or “Property Management Services” company.

Typically a post card company will offer some sort of incentive (I.E. a cruise or vacation) to get timeshare owners to attend a presentation that is similar to the one that they may have attend to purchase the timeshare. 

The goal of this particular type of scheme is to get desperate timeshare owners to call into their office and sit through a brief presentation explaining how they “qualify” to exit their timeshare. Once the Property Management Communication company has you on the phone they will most likely continue to pose as your resort and attempt to charge you a high fee to eliminate your timeshare maintenance fees.

When they have received your payment it is rare that any service will be delivered. We advice all of our clients to avoid companies that reach out to you without you first inquiring about their services, because they are most likely a scam.

If you have received a letter from a timeshare property management services company and you would like to know more information contact us at 888-743-9051.

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