Resort Guest Certificates Complaints
From An Owner

Review of a Resort certificates complaints by a timeshare Owner

In this article Redemption and Release, LLC reviews common complaints by timeshare owners – EVER RISING RESORT GUEST CERTIFICATES FEES! Many timeshare owners share a similar story; years ago timeshare was a fun, easy and financially practical product. Now they find out though that the resorts or exchange companies are raising their timeshare guest fees tremendously. As you will see in the video below, some resort timeshare owners are very upset about the resort guest certificates and their fees. According to the gentleman below, his original benefits allowed him to use unlimited Resort guest certificates for FREE instead of the normal $25. Recently though the resort got rid of the unlimited free Resort Guest certificates and now charges $125 for each Resort guest voucher! Please take the time to watch the video below and contact us if we can be assistance in helping to cancel your resort timeshare ownership with our 100% guaranteed Timeshare Redemption process. Use our professional services to learn how to cancel a Timeshare contract with ease and at a wholesale cost.[END]


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