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Resorts are one of the most popular timeshare resorts available to vacationers today. Vacationers are talked into sitting through a five hour presentations where they are convinced to signing up for a vacation home that sounds like a dream. It is not until after signing the timeshare contract that consumers are hit with a substantial amount of recurring fees that end up being more of a financial burden rather than a financial bargain. Not only do the fees continue to escalate throughout the ownership, but the owners of timeshares can rarely use the timeshare at a time convenient for them and their families. It is at this stage that vacationers begin searching for ways to cancel a timeshare contract. If you are dissatisfied with your resort’s timeshare , you are not alone. The Resort’s Corporation BBB profile has close to 800 filed resort complaints .

One resorts customer complaint mentioned that “Sales representatives are lying to customers to get them to purchase vacation getaways.” This particular customer’s timeshare complaint originated when they were shopping in a Myrtle beach outlet store.  Another complaints stated that “the resort lied and sold something they don’t actually offer. Every time we complain they never help resolve anything. We have to deal with it.” Complaints like this will continue to pile up until the government steps in with another class action lawsuit.
Bluegreen Complaints The video below tells the story of a man that was approached in a shopping mall and was told that if he sits through a “short” timeshare presentation that he will be given a free four night cruise to the Bahamas. The process of getting to this “short” presentation location, ultimately led to unnecessary financial obligations and false promises. At one point in the video this man is even quoted calling Resorts “a scam”. Stories like these can be heard frequently throughout the timeshare industry with a number of different resorts.

Fortunately for this man he was savvy enough to catch on to the resort’s tactics before signing up for a timeshare, but the same cannot be said for other vacationers. This is where Redemption and Release steps in. Here at Redemption and Release we review all Resorts complaints to help better understand our client’s needs and find the best way to cancel their timeshare ownership.

Please take some time to read more of our Timeshare Help Articles and contact a timeshare liquidation specialist to address any of your Resort complaints.

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