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Timeshare Industry Fact Sheet

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Common Timeshare Lies

  • Luxury Resorts Available Around The World
  • Travel Anywhere Anytime
  • Easy To Use, Simple To Exchange
  • High Trading Power
  • Low Annual Obligations
  • Buy Today and Sell Later For More Money
  • Make Money By Renting Out Weeks 

A popular American financial author, radio host, and television personality has openly said that timeshare ownership has a 98% dissatisfaction rate. Based on our experience we believe this number could possibly be even higher. For years we have been asking timeshare owners the same questions “Knowing what you know now, would you have ever purchased you timeshare in the first place?” The answer 100% of the time a resounding NO!

1  Resort and Exchange Company Secrets Revealed!

Resorts Use Their Availability For New Sales, Not Existing Owners!

Redemption and Release LLC Reviews

2Exchange Companies Have Retail Websites Too.

Where Does All The Inventory Come From?



3 Timeshare Cancellation Windows

Most timeshare owners were victim of fraudulent sales practices because their sales agents promise cant be verified for months or even years. These agents have seemingly no checks and balances because they know that your right to cancel will expire in a few days, but you might not even try to use it for a whole year. By the time you realize you have been deceived, there isn’t a way to easily cancel your contract without professional help.

**CLICK HERE TO VIEW** List of Timeshare Cancellation Windows By State **CLICK HERE TO VIEW**


4Unhappy Owners Trying To SELL

Redemption and Release


redemption and release llc


Because of the virtually nonexistent timeshare rental and resale market, timeshare owners are left susceptible to various timeshare scams throughout the nation. 

Common Timeshare Scams:

  1. Resale Listing Website scam
  2. Rental Listing Website scam
  3. Donate to “charity” timeshare scam
  4. “Buyer In The Wing” resale scam
  5. Convention Center resale scam
Recent Non-Guaranteed Timeshare Services Make The news

7 Customer “No Service” – Complaints Pile Up!




8Mortgage Payments & Annual Fees

Redemption-and-Release-LLC-reviewsYou are a revenue stream for the resorts. Timeshare resorts have one motivation: extreme profits. This “profits first” mentality is why timeshare resorts won’t buy back your timeshare or even take it back for free. You simply can not stop paying on your timeshare. Resorts today are focused on selling more timeshares – their own ‘new’ inventory. Once they have someone contractually obligated to pay maintenance fees for life, they can move on to the next sale. If a resort were to absorb your timeshare back in to their inventory, then the resort would have to pay the maintenance and taxes on it. Resorts are just like any other business in that they have balance sheets and have to closely monitor expenditures. These resorts will not take back additional inventory (Non Performing Assets) because of the negative impact it will have on their gross profits.

What happens if you don’t pay?

  • Aggressive Collections Efforts
    • Harassing Phone Calls at Home and Work
    • Threatening Letters
  • Credit Bureau Reporting
    • Credit Score Lowered
    • Foreclosure Reported
    • Uncollectable Bad Debt Reported
  • Law Suits
    • Liens Placed On Other Assets
    • Garnishments of Wages

9 Maintenance Fee Savings


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