Are you a timeshare owner? If so, maybe you are one the 92% that want out! A billion dollar industry whose rate of dissatisfied clients is on the rise and the overwhelming  amount of complaints against the timeshare hard sales tactics are extremely concerning. False promises, maintenance fees increase, timeshare debt seems never-ending and the list goes on. Feeling defrauded by the big giants in the timeshare business is on top of the list! Giving them peace of mind from their timeshare burden… is our top priority at Redemption & Release.

Take it from some of our client’s review testimonials.

Your services were professional your staff returned calls quickly and as promised. the paperwork was easy to complete and the fees charged were extremely reasonable. Because this was my second go around transferring timeshares I was hesitant however your staff explained the process, ensured I could be released from my timeshares. funds within a period of months. and yes.. the ownership transfer occurred exactly at the time estimated. I can not thank you enough and will be more than happy to refer other clients to you.”
— Janet B., from Tempe, Arizona
“Redemption and Release was a legitimate company who worked well to facilitate the deed transfer with an otherwise difficult timeshare company. I am glad I made the right choice and trusted them with this daunting task. The outcome is that we are free from our timeshare obligations, and I am very happy with the job done by Redemption & Release.“
– C. Finn, from Fairfield, California


This is the reality! The financial struggles faced by timeshare owners are shocking and the stories behind their investment  nightmare are hard to grasp. Imagine yourself having to close your 401K retirement fund to keep up with the timeshare maintenance fees and other dues, or even worse, opting to sell your own home to avoid further financial & legal complications related to a  timeshare contract.  These are just a few of the horror stories lived by many who seek timeshare termination PRONTO!

We don’t just cancel your timeshare – we redeem it. It’s a simple and painless process, and the only true way to get rid of timeshare.

Whether it’s due to increased maintenance fees, not wanting the children to inherit that burden, a lack of investment from the property management itself,  or the fact that you now realize you’ve been deceived when signing that timeshare contract, you need a timeshare exit expert to work on your behalf and help you get rid of that timeshare before you get financially burnt out!

Redemption & Release is a reputable timeshare exit company that offers true timeshare exit solutions for those looking to put an end to their timeshare contract.  A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau you will be in the best hands when it comes to getting rid of your timeshare nightmare legally and permanently.

The process to get you qualified for timeshare exit assistance is easy.

Are you stuck with a money-pit of a timeshare? Do you or someone you know need help in getting rid of a timeshare? There’s hope! Don’t risk the future that you’ve worked so hard for with a desperate move.

Contact Redemption & Release and take the first step towards timeshare freedom, 100% guarantee.

Timeshare redemption… The Choice is yours!

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