Timeshare Donation – The Hard Facts

Doante To A Cause Reviews Timeshare DonationsTimeshare donation scams are everywhere. Many of these donation companies make lofty promises of timeshares having a tax deduction value of $5,000 or more for properties that are virtually worthless.

Could their timeshare donation plan leave you susceptible to an IRS audit or even being convicted of TAX FRAUD? 



The answer may be found by asking yourself one simple question. “How can my timeshare be worth thousands of dollars in tax credits when it’s so valueless that I can not even give it away?”

To add insult to injury, most of these donation companies want you to PAY THEM a fee to donate your timeshare?! Don’t become another timeshare donation victim – redeem your timeshare for thousands less – with Redemption & Release, LLC!

Donate For A Cause Reviews Timeshare

It has been reported by our clients that some donation companies are engaging in what may be perceived as “bait-n-switch” marketing tactics. Some of these companies merely market “Timeshare Donations” only for you later to discover they can’t actually provide you a donation. They then turn you over to a transfer company for a large fee!

You can avoid these types of tactics by simply choosing to redeem your timeshare with Redemption & Release, LLC.

There are no tax worries as with donating your timeshare and you get the simple and FREE opportunity to receive an expert consultation and review of your timeshare situation.  Why  waste valuable time trying to donate your timeshare, only to to later have them tell you that you do not qualify – but if you would like to pay thousands of dollars you can use an outside transfer service? With Redemption and Release, LLC., you call in for one service and quickly, legally and affordably get out of your timeshare obligations!

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