Timeshare Owner Advisory Letter Reviews


Have you recently received a Timeshare Owner Advisory letter regarding the cancellation of your timeshare ownership? These spam letters are being sent to timeshare owners across the country. Timeshare owner advisory companies have been posing as resorts acting as if they  are qualified to handle your timeshare maintenance fees, this is not true. Was the letter structured like this?


June 2016


ATTN: John                                                              PC#K123456-7890


You have be chosen to cancel your timeshare ownership
This limited time program is only extended to a select group of timeshare owners


To ensure that you are qualified to have your timeshare ownership eliminated you must meet the conditions used to get you into this program.


To confirm your qualification for this program you have until October 27, 2015 to call us at 888-XXX-XXX


Timeshare Owner Advisory Company

If your letter is similar to this one, it is important for you to understand that this timeshare owner advisory company does NOT work for your resort. This is what you call a “post card” or “letter” company. These Owner Advisory companies are attempting to convince you to call into their office and give them your personal information. A general rule of thumb for avoiding spam companies like this is, if you did not personally reach out to a company looking for assistance then it is most likely a scam.

Other Common Spam Letter Company Names

“Department of Notifications”

“Association Management Department”

“National Resolution Center”

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