Timeshare Relief With Redemption and Release

Has your timeshare been a financial burden? You are not alone. There are millions of timeshare owners that are dissatisfied with their timeshares and are searching for timeshare relief. Unfortunately, for these owners there are numerous timeshare relief companies out there claiming that they can permanently get you out but rarely provide an actual service. To avoid these scam relief companies you must first understand how they work.

Selling a timeshare is how a majority of owners think they can find timeshare relief. To do so, they attempt to use a timeshare resale company. These resale companies charge owners an annual or monthly fee to have their property listed online. The problem with this service is that the properties are advertised for thousands of dollars when the reality is that it can be a challenge to even give a timeshare away. If you search online you can see that many timeshares are being sold for as low at $1. They sell at this price because consumers are starting to understand how much of a financial burden timeshares can really be. Resale companies are fully aware that timeshares are not worth thousands of dollars but they continue to tell owners that they are so that they can keep collecting monthly fees.

Timeshare Relief Donations

Donating your timeshare to a charity is another method that consumers attempt to use in search of timeshare relief. For a fee a timeshare donation company will take the timeshare off of your hands and donate it to a charity “in need”. They then tell the timeshare owner that since it was a donation to charity that they can claim it as a credit on their taxes. This method of relief does not work because the timeshare donation credit that they are claiming on their taxes exceeds the actual value of the timeshare. Working with companies like this can often result in the IRS investigating your tax claims.

The most effective, legal and proven way to get timeshare relief is through our timeshare cancellation program. Here at Redemption and Release we have relieved thousands of people from their timeshare burdens and continue to help owners every day. All of our services come with two money back guarantees. To learn more about how you can be relieved from your timeshare permanently and legally contact us at 888-743-9051.

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