Timeshare Sales Tactics

timehare-salesman-tacticsEvery day, timeshare owners are persuaded into a timeshare purchase by attending a long presentation at a nice hotel or resort. These presentations are designed to wear you down over an extended period of time until you make the hasty decision to sign a contract. The whole purpose of this presentation is to sell you something. The tactics used in these presentations are very sly and are intended to make the potential customer feel as if they are getting a good deal. Here are some common lines from presentations that are not always truthful.

-“A timeshare is an investment that will increase in value over time.”

-“Timeshares can easily be rented or sold at anytime.”

-“The timeshare offer is only good for today.”

To lure people into these presentations they are normally offered a free stay in a hotel, show tickets, a multi night cruise, or sometimes just cash. Once the long presentation is complete the incentives are not always free or are sometimes not fulfilled at all. High-pressure presentations are happening across the country every day and it is important to know what you are getting in to before volunteering to sit in on one.

The man in the following video below is a former timeshare salesman turned car salesman. He tells the story of his time as a timeshare salesman and the different sales techniques he would use to convince people into buying over priced timeshares. If you have made the mistake of signing up for one of these timeshare traps and are looking for a way out, contact us for a free consultation with one of our timeshare cancellation experts.

Timeshare Sales Tactics 

Video Transcription:

Participant:   Of course but I’m kind of surfing the web right now.


Dave: When I was about three months into it, I was approached one day; now what happens there is a podium speaker that speaks to a group of 12 fresh couple. Fresh meat. Each couple has a [liner[00:00:17.00] as you know. So it is was a Mexican. It was always a Mexican; it is always a Mexican liner and almost an American host, that’s how it works. And the split was percentage of the gross and it wad 4.8 to the close of 3.2 lighter, that’s how it worked. Anyway there is always a podium speaker and at that point I was so freaking green and I used to have stuff hanging off my ears and I was surrounded by piranhas. I mean you talk about a shark tank. Any way one day Barry, I forget his last name, Barry came up to me, he was the Assistant Manager, he said Grosman you’re doing the next podium. Now remember I had been there for three months, I don’t know shit, he wants me to talk to the group of people about timeshare okay. I said Barry I can’t do that, I don’t know enough. He said if you don’t do it you are fired. It was that simple. And he turned and walked away. And I knew he was serious, because the guy I worked for [more prono[00:01:13.10] was like Nazi, so I got up and by the seat of my pants, now here was the advantage, the podium speaker always got to choose their couple, that was one of the advantages, yes and you’d watch the body language and when you saw that couple leading over the table they were in, and you sort of like this. Anyway it was my first podium, I didn’t know what the fuck I was doing, I picked a couple literally in front of me and I sold $41,000 worth of timeshare with a little bit of help from a seasoned closer. I made like $1925 on a deal and I was hooked, I was freaking hooked, I had never spoken to a group of people in my life basically, now all of a sudden I sold $41,000 worth of timeshare and I was excited. So at that point, I just said I am going to learn how to speak to groups, and I’m thinking what actually is this? Is this timeshare, what else could we call it? Well it could be fractional ownership, so and that was a term that bounded around a little bit. But back then, timeshare was just the word, but fractional, but timeshare had still back then. Because it was the Wild West and he it could be… so fractional ownership I started using. And what happened was I developed my own stick and what I did with Jim, so just a little, I did a little bit of what I would have say, so I would get up there and I would say good morning My name Dave Grossman, I am the podium speaker and by the way when I use the word speaker, the liners would almost fucking laugh because I was using the actual term. [Laughs] And we were going to say in Spanish they would always laugh because I would always say speaker not like an actually… Exactly… they thought it was hysterical. Thank you. Well he called himself the speaker. It was like a personal joke, because I knew it was wrong but after a while we got a kick out of it, so I know Americans really did with it. So the American don’t have no idea exactly, so what happens people would come in and I would start and say welcome folks, I have a question for you, how many of you flew down here, raise your hand. All of 90% of them… I have a question for you did you rent the plane yourself or did you travel with other people?


Participant:   I travelled with other people


Dave: Why did you travel with other people?


Participant:   Because…


Dave: Were you able to rent the plane yourself?


Participant:   No I wasn’t,


Dave: No you weren’t okay. Folks that is a fractional ownership concept. That’s a timeshare concept; we are all pitching in to share time to fly down here. Could you do this yourself? So everybody goes no. What happen was that… for a nobody else had used that line, but almost everybody flew down there and so what happen was, all of a sudden the very first thing that I said actually made a lot of sense. Now obviously I said it a little stronger and little more concise because I haven’t done this in years, but the point was people really took notice of the concept of sharing time on an airplane. Well folks can you buy this hotel yourself, no you can’t. What must you all do… I was on what must we all do? We all have to share the time, share the cost. So the body language would change okay, folks question for you? What’s the last movie you saw?


Participant:   Hmmm let’s just say Spiderman.


Dave: Okay I have a question for you. How much did it cost to make that movie?


Participant:   I don’t know why.


Dave: Can we say at least fifty million, maybe more, yeah? How much did it cost you to see this movie?


Participant:   $8


Dave: I have a question for you, how did you get to see a movie that cost fifty million dollars to make and it only cost you $8, how did that happen?


Participant:   Fractional ownership


Dave: That’s right, and it takes a lot of people spending $8 to get the movie and everybody and then all of a sudden I became… and I don’t mean to say ego-sense but what happened was I got so good at it and I was so into it that I was like speaking three times a day. Like they are going to be the next. And so the point was I was able to early on take things that we did on a regular basis… flying, movies and integrally mix them with our lives and sharing the cost of vacation time and I did really well, and what it did was is it actually got me into public speaking, and after that I got into talking to large groups of people for many years after that. I can still do it, that was the pivotal… that was a life changer right there. And did I tell you the Mexican… my nickname was?


Participant:   No

Need Help out of a Timeshare?


Dave: It was Mr. AT&T because I would be on the phone, it was nobody there and talking ….and the Mexican couldn’t understand how I could do this for 10 15 minutes at a time, there is no body there. Now after the conversation with allegedly corporate customers.


Participant:   I want to call it corporate, we’ll see if we can get this handled.



Dave: It was very balsy and I have to tie something in, I think you guys will appreciate it. The reason why I was probably slow to start to bring you guys in, is because I was allowed to do… I really want you to hear this; I was allowed to do my own drops at the table. And when I did a drop I would make them puke at 15500 for one week and I’ll hold at 15500 and they vomit continuously, nobody wants to be 15,500 from one week of timeshare, and I wouldn’t let them off the hook, I was trained not to let them off the hook. And when I went ahead and you know what I do, I said folks there is nothing I can do, and I’m so sorry I’m going to get you guys back on vacation. 70% of deals were after I said [crosstalk [00:07:52.16]]. You know what else would happen, not only was it a takeaway but what else was happening with them, they were being completely let off the hook and they were done. And in that moment they completely dropped and relax and it was like oh this guy is done with us. Thank goodness.


Participant:   Takeaway, that’s the same thing the takeaway is


Participant:   Maybe we should get that car, I don’t think we should get that car; I don’t think we should buy that car.


Participant:   Whether it is just not for you I mean…


Dave: We all want what we think [crosstalk [00:08:24.28]


Participant:   I think you need to look over,


Dave: And of course I get that from you guys but I wanted you to know why, it may or may not be a little slow to start to do that with, it wasn’t out of ego, it was for 13 years.


Participant:   No wonder you are so full of shit Dave.


Dave: Thank you for 13 years, I was doing these…


Participant:   You know what I see some of the little [Tom [00:08:46.06] tendency it’s like when we ask Dave a question the whole timeshare comes like [crosstalk [00:08:52.14]] Let me think. Let me think. I had a really busy day today; I mean there is probably 15 timeshares I signed up today. Which area where you talking about, I believe.


Participant:   What unit were you looking at?


Participant:   I believe I can do that, yes.


Dave: Yes, that’s good, that very fucking good.


Participant:   So what I want you to do Dave, when you are home sometime and you’re bored, I want you to think of some other parallel similarities that worked for you very well there. I don’t necessarily want you to try everyone, I want you to run it by us first, I will.


Participant:   We would like to be informed, timeshare causes before…


Participant:   I want you to think of some similarities, just like you said that takeaway, because to me that was a very big out of all of that that was very relevant, still today and if you do that 90% of the time, 70% of the time, just like you said.


Participant:   Before you even come talk to us. They have some unrealistic offer.


Participant:   I don’t think so, maybe we want too much cars, and maybe we go look at. Oh yeah maybe you can get them back more on the right path and make it better for you


Dave: I usually do that,


Participant:   They start going, you know


Participant:   Just remember to start the price when they start to talk the price, you go well these are very popular vehicles I mean the first thing I need to do, is to check the availability of the vehicle, I have 20 sales people, Internet department, that are all trying to sell the same car. I have to make sure the car is available. And then you go from talking about price to oh bull shit I hope the car is available,


Dave: You know what that’s like, you want week 32 don’t you. My God that’s a very tough [crosstalk[00:10:38.04]] I don’t draw those conclusion,


Dave: I don’t think that week 32 is available, is there another week that you’d like, what would you like.


Participant:   So same thing, yes I want you to apply those and then if it is very relevant like that, please use it but…


Participant:   Let me check the availability of week three.


Participant:   You want the WRX manual transmission.


Dave: That’s very popular.


Participant:   You want the outback.


Dave: I’m just going to tie…thank you for leaving this together with me.


Participant:   No problem Dave,


Dave: I appreciate that, and so what happen is


Participant:   We know you have a lot of talent Dave,


Dave: Thank you. Is just a matter of having it come out again?


Participant:   You kind of have it directed in the right direction.


Dave: Completely and so what happen I’ll do from 15,500 and the word was make them puke, that was drilled into me. Hold it at 15500 and nobody held timeshare at 15500 for one week, that was outrageous and they puke and puke and puke, but I’d hold and hold and hold. Then when I got on the phone with Mr. Nobody in Irvine California, Mr. AT&T and they actually literally that was my nickname. Mr. AT&T, they did diagrams of me on the phone, like they did little. Anyway I would drop to about 8200 or sometimes 7600 were a radical… half price radical drop, and what happened was yes, a lot of the time because I held so well and line them… I line them also but I close them but I would go okay, we will take that repo of course it is not. …is a repo. [crosstalk[00:12:18.10]] so you can’t repo it, it is just time. But the point is the word worked, the word worked anyway. Thank you.


Participant:   No problem Dave.


Participant:   Thank you for sharing your timeshare


Dave: I have a lot of other things too, but we’ll do that when time.


Participant:   We’ll have another thing, thank you Dave.



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