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Timeshare Redemption Without MortgageIf your timeshare qualifies, we guarantee to get your released from your timeshare. Period.

It’s a simply and easy process once we verify your loan, contact the resort and act on your behalf.

Our multi-stage timeshare release process has a proven track record and unlike our competitors, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

Our Timeshare Release guarantee not only warrants we do all the paperwork filings on your behalf (there are 8 different government agencies contacted, if dissolution is sought because of fraud), but we assist in helping protect your credit report.

Many Timeshare Release companies do nothing more than send “hardship requests” begging the resorts to let you out of your timeshare contract. Our program on the other hand, uses ALL consumer protection laws and agencies in a specific and proven order to absolve you of your timeshare mortgage.


Timeshare W/O Mortgage             Timeshare WITH Mortgage

We have a 100% timeshare mortgage cancellation rate on the files we take over. We are very selective of the timeshares that we accept into our Timeshare Release program. On average we only accept 35% of all resorts with an outstanding mortgage for our timeshare release process.

If your timeshare is paid off – we will take it from you – GUARANTEED

Your privacy matters. We will not share your information with anyone outside of our trusted network of consumer services offices. Our network of professionals has assisted clients for years on getting out from under their timeshare mortgages. 

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