Resort Vacation Complaints

Owning a timeshare can be a stressful experience due to the ever-growing maintenance fees and special assessments. Trying to get out of that timeshare can be just a daunting. With so many scammers in the secondary market it is challenging for consumers to know who to trust. One property management company (resale company) that many timeshare owners have used is called the self proclaimed leader in the timeshare resale industry and is the only authorized distributor of timeshares on the secondary market. The resort may be the industry leading reseller but they are also the industry leader in customer complaints.

According to the better business bureau, filed against them with a great number of them related to consumers who have used Vacations to list their timeshare for sale online. For those of you that do not know, Vacations is a timeshare resale company owned by the resort. Vacations is a website that consumers who no longer want their timeshare can list it for sale and are charged by pinnacle for this service. The only problem with this service is that the price lists timeshares for is much higher then their actual value. There are many resorts for sale on the Vacations website for $2,000 that can also be found on Ebay for as low as $1. With their prices set so high, consumers can rarely sell their unwanted timeshare and their timeshare headache continues.

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All timeshare owners should understand that the secondary market for timeshares is practically non-existent. Timeshare resale companies are fully aware of this and still take advantage of desperate timeshare owners. The secondary market is so depleted due to the fact that people are reluctant to taking on the maintenance fees that come with timeshare ownership. The best way to get out of your timeshare is to work with a timeshare redemption company like Redemption and Release. Here at Redemption and Release we have developed a timeshare cancellation program that guarantees you will be legally and permanently be removed as owner of your timeshare, putting an end to all maintenance fees. Do not let resale companies take any more of your money with providing minimal results. Call 888-743-9051 and a Redemption and Release advisor will walk you through how our program works.



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