Resort Guest Certificates Complaints
From An Owner

Review of a Resort certificates complaints by a timeshare Owner

In this article Redemption and Release, LLC reviews common complaints by timeshare owners – EVER RISING RESORT GUEST CERTIFICATES FEES! Many timeshare owners share a similar story; years ago timeshare was a fun, easy and financially practical product. Now they find out though that the resorts or exchange companies are raising their timeshare guest fees tremendously. As you will see in the video below, some resort timeshare owners are very upset about the resort guest certificates and their fees. According to the gentleman below, his original benefits allowed him to use unlimited Resort guest certificates for FREE instead of the normal $25. Recently though the resort got rid of the unlimited free Resort Guest certificates and now charges $125 for each Resort guest voucher! Please take the time to watch the video below and contact us if we can be assistance in helping to cancel your resort timeshare ownership with our 100% guaranteed Timeshare Redemption process. Use our professional services to learn how to cancel a Timeshare contract with ease and at a wholesale cost.

Transcript From Video Above

                 Hi, the purpose of this video is to provide you with fair warning before you make a decision to buy a timeshare from the Resort’s Corporation.  Now, first, let me cover my butt by saying this.  The views I express are my opinion, my opinion only, based on my personal experience and are in no way intended to represent fact.

Now let me share with you an experience my wife and I have had as owners with the Resort.  In the early years we were very happy with our ownership, in fact we’re still very happy with the resorts.  The resorts are beautiful.  The personnel at the resorts, beautiful people.  However, The Resort Corporate, that’s an entirely different story.  When we initially bought, we bought at a very low level ownership, but when we learned that there were benefits that were promised to those that would upgrade to a higher level of ownership, we did just that, because some of the benefits offered were very appealing to us.

One to give you an example, at our level of ownership, we would have free, unlimited guest certificates.  Now that was appealing to us because we place a lot of guests into our accommodations.  So rather than have to pay that $25 fee everyone would have to pay in order to do that, we got it for free.  However, just earlier this year, an announcement was made, no more unlimited free guest certificates.  Now we have to pay for them.  And it’s not $25 anymore.

Do you know what I have to pay now if I’m going to call up the resort and ask them to put John Doe on as my guest?  $129.  Now, the Resort’s explanation is that this is to cover the costs incurred.  $129?  Costs incurred?  To take a phone call, type in a name?

Now in all fairness, I can get it at a lower rate.  See I can go onto the Resort’s website and I can type in John Doe’s name.  Now I only pay $99.  $99, cost incurred?  For me to type John Doe’s name in?

How can they get away with doing this when they promised these benefits to those of us who bought at our level?  Well here’s how.  Every owner gets one of these.  It’s a trust agreement.  When you become an owner, you automatically become a member of the trust.  Interestingly though, there’s a paragraph in the trust that says the terms of the agreement can be changed at any time.  This trust agreement outlines the rights you have as a member, as an owner.  But it also gives rights to the board of directors to change that at any time.

Guess who makes up the board of directors?  The Resort’s Corporate Executives.  And so far, they seem to have been completely resistant to any suggestion that owners, who have an interest in the trust be allowed to be on the board of directors.  Now if the only ones who make up the board of directors are entirely dependent on the Resort’s Corporation for their livelihood, who’s interest do you think they’re going to represent in the decisions that they make?  The changes that take place?

That’s right, The Resort’s Corporation.

Let me give you another example of something that currently has thousands of owners in an uproar.  From the very start, a fundamental right of every owner was that they could re-sell or transfer their accommodations, points, as your ownership is represented in the Resort’s System, that could be transferred to another owner member.  So long as each of the two members were in good standing financially on their accounts with the Resort.  Not anymore.  Everyone just received a letter that as of March 1, 2009, no longer can they transfer ownership.  And that’s a decision that has hurt a large number of owners.  Because there are many owners that know that before their points expire at the end of the year they are not going to be able to use them.  At least in the past, they knew they could get some compensation for it cause they knew they could transfer it to another owner who may be able to use it and they will compensate them for it.  No more.

The Resort Corporation is the epitome of self serving corporate greed and it is time that they be stopped.  I’m not telling you not to buy a timeshare from the Resort’s, but here’s what I do advise, before you make that decision, you’re online now, go ahead and do a search.  Search Timeshares, Resorts, whatever.  You’re going to find that there are a number of forums where Resort owners are sharing their experience.  Their thoughts.  I suggest you read it, take it to heart, share it with that salesperson who gives you a presentation.

Hope you have a great day.



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