Resort Timeshare Fraud

wyndham timeshare fraud

What are Resort Timeshares Known For?

Resort timeshare frauds have been one of the most widely discussed scams in the timeshare industry & have gained notoriety for the numerous complaints that had a reputation-breaking effect on the Resort Ownership Corporation. What’s most unique about the Resort Timeshare fraud isn’t just the unwanted timeshares they have sold by the millions to consumers, but in addition to the fact that they have some of the highest complaints reflecting their high-pressured and over-aggressive sales presentations. Not only are they known for mistreating a large sum of consumers during the sales presentations, but also their timeshare contracts have contained many expensive hidden fees and high maintenance costs that were coerced upon the timeshare owners. This Resort has positioned themselves in the timeshare industry as a company with some of the most consumer complaints and cases of timeshare fraud that has ever been seen to date.

Why You May Want To Cancel Your Resort Timeshare Contract

Resort timeshare frauds have been aimed at various demographics of people, but the main victims tend to be senior citizens. Resort Ownership Inc. usually offer their timeshare packages in the form of “points”, in which the owner goes into a legally-binding contract to exercise the use of these “points” by going on vacation annually or on a bi-annual basis. There are many disadvantages that follow through with the use of these “points” as most timeshare owners have to book the vacation nearly a year ahead. A disturbing deception that companies like this resort propagate is the idea that timeshares are quality investments, when in reality they are liabilities.


wyndham timeshare fraud

The different types of financial calamities that have effected Resort timeshare owners are an unfortunate reality and a testament to the extent of damage such fraudulent schemes have caused. This resort’s timeshare fraud cases have explicitly shown consumers experiencing unauthorized charges to their credit and primarily ruining their credit FICO score. Others have had their extravagant timeshare maintenance fee expenses significantly place them in a financial bankruptcy. These extreme circumstances have had most Resort timeshare owners search for a legitimate solution such as cancelling their timeshare.

How Can I sell my Resort Timeshare?

Although we cannot help you sell your timeshare, we can help you redeem it so you can legally stop paying maintenance fees forever! We here at REDEMPTION & RELEASE LLC have helped thousands of families successfully cancel their Resort timeshare legally and permanently! We instill confidence in our clients by offering them a 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE, no questions asked! Sign-up below and speak to our timeshare qualifications specialist and find the solution to your timeshare problems you are looking for now!


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